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    Default CN here we come....6/15 - 6/20

    I know that there are lot of Threads but I had to post today My excitement and anticipation has pushed me to post a message and see if anyone is planning on being at CN 6/15 thu 6/20. My hubby (we married 6/5/10 & honemooned at CN 6/7 thru 6/16/10) surprised me with a 5day trip to CN (& I really thought we'd have to wait until next year) What a great hubby. This Brooklyn couple can't wait to get to CN. Here's to all vacationers finding a spot like CN to visit annually. Can't wait
    Dorene from Brooklyn (loves CN)

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    We will be there 6/18 to 6/26. First time so cant wait. See you at the pool bar....

    Doreen from Long Island

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    We will be there the week after you. I am so excited because it is our first time ever going anywhere out of the US, also we have never had a week with no kids! I am nervous but so darn excited!!!

    Have a great time!
    1st time to Jamaica!
    ******CN June 2011*****

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    We will be there June 18-June 26th. Can't wait to meet everyone. Starting to get excited now that the trip is so close.

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