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    Default Luggage locks/no luggage locks ?

    Just wondering what everyone does. The wife is saying that it's just not worth it, I on the other hand say that it does offer some kind of deterent to would be baggage handler thieves. What's the general consensus ? Leaving in 5 days !!!

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    The TSA has been known to cut off even TSA approved locks.
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    Locks! Why risk it?!

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    We did not use them and had no problems.

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    In my opinion it's a waste. Every time we have used the TSA locks they have opened our bags and almost every time they put the locks in the bags rather than locking them again.

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    Here is a post I wrote in another thread about the same thing.

    Every single time we have used the TSA locks that tell you how many times they have been opened, they just remove the locks and put them in the pockets. I noticed that the only time our luggage would get opened was when we had the locks on them. This was happening on different airlines and airports though so I thought maybe I was just imagining it or they were neglecting to put the little "We opened your bag" papers in there. I decided to do a little experiment because I was curious. Sometimes I would use a lock and sometimes I would just tie a small piece of thread around the zippers so I would know if they opened them. The thread was never broken and I flew a lot. When I used the TSA locks I saw that they were opening the bags almost every time. Most of the time they did not even put the locks back on the bag, they just put them in the pocket. I think there was only one time when they left the lock on the bag and did not open it at all. I started thinking that maybe the locks indicated to them that there might be something good inside of the bag. I never left anything good in there though so nothing was ever taken.

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    I always put on one of those coloured plastic electric cable ties to linking the bits of the zip of my case - you know the little strip with a ratchet mechanism that you have to cut to unlock? . It costs next to nothing, is very easy to clip off in a second when you arrive, but you can always tell if the case has been opened. Mine has never been opened - I guess although any dedicated thief would not be much put off I will always know in a second at baggage reclaim that it has been tampered with and so would make a fuss straight away. Just peace of mind for me that nothing has happened.

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    Love the plastic tie idea. I think I will make a trip to Home Depot today!

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    Remember, a lock only keeps an honest person honest.

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    I had an experience one time when I left my lock on my suitcase - attached to zipper, but the suitcase wasn't locked. They had opened my suitcase (they left the we checked your bag paperwork) and ripped the lock and zipper off of the suitcase. So my opinion is: don't lock the suitcase, it's not worth it. Just don't put anything of value in there. Also, don't want their hands all over your clothes? I put mine in those Space Bag travel bags. Just put your clothes in them and sqeeze the air out. It also saves you space in your luggage. Enjoy your trip!!!

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    I asked a TSA agent once about TSA approved locks. They responded by saying “put them on if it makes you feel better”.

    I do like the zip-tie idea.

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    Has anyone seen that report on TV showing how easy it is to open a case, locks or no locks? He just inserted the tip of a pen into the closed zipper then slid it back and forth to separate the zipper teeth. If anyone did that, then they would just slide their hand in and have a feel for anything they thought was valuable. They would then just slide the zips back and forth to close the teeth again. You would never know how something disappeared, if it did, as the bag would look intact.

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    We had regulation locks and they were cut off on our departure from Jamaica. Although nothing was disturbed in our luggage I don't think I'll use locks again.

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    We started using small black wire ties. They have to be cut off with scissors. They are just as safe as those tiny locks that anyone can get into. They serve as a deterrent for anyone who wants to quickly grab something from your luggage. Place a small pair of scissors in the outside pocket that you can use when you reach your destination. Be sure to pack extras for your return trip home. They can be purchased in the hardware section.

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    First I don't put anything in my checked bag that is valuable. No type of lock will keep someone from taking something they want bad enough, no matter what airport. Second, I don't use locks and I have on occasion had the little paper in my bag saying it was inspected but my hubby has not. My guess is something is causing an alert when it goes through the xray machine in the baggage area, but I have no idea what. Not a problem. A couple of other tips--I pack using gallon size zip bags. It gives me more space, now I just have to watch the weight. I use them for my swimsuits, undies, and lingerie. I stuff as much as I can into the bag, zip most of the way and squeeze all the air out. Then when I come home, I have them for wet suits etc.

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    We use the TSA locks every time we fly and rarely have had them opened (assuming they do leave the note every time). I think my husband has once, and I never have. Nor have we had them broken open/cut. So I wouldn't necessarily say that if you use them you'll get your luggage broken open anyway.

    We too don't put anything in checked luggage that's of much value. They just give me a bit of peace of mind when your bag is out of your sight, like times when they are being loaded/unloaded/transported by people other than TSA.

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    We used them on our recent trip to CN via Florida and we didn't have anything cut off or opened, as far as we know. My boss travels around the world 80% of the year and he was the person who told me how crucial luggage locks are. TSA approved ones, of course.

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    We've never had a TSA lock cut off. We have had every bag inspected by TSA (as evidenced by the tell-tale TSA flyer inside of each bag) each time we've travelled during TSA's existence. I doubt that these inspections are any longer a random occurence.

    Go with the lock.

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    Another thought on locks, if you're in the market for new luggage, buy TSA approved locking luggage.

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    Every time we used them, they took them off and never put them back on.

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    We use twistie the kind they use on a loaf of bread. Never been opened to my knowledge as I tend to twist them pretty good.

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    Default lock

    we use locks on suit cases every time we go anywhere! My mom told me to do that.. I have bee to jamaica last year and they did not cut them off but they threatened to on way back because my husband didnt know we had to get luggage checked before the next plane... And I had to go back in there with a supervisor but they did not.. Never had a problem with the locks yet!

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    We use zip ties. That way if they want to get in, they can easily enough. We've never had them searched. Though my husband was pulled out of line a couple of times to go through. It's a random search and he's always the luck one!

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