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    Default couples honeymoon

    Just booked Sans Souci for our January honeymoon!! SO excited! I am wondering how we get the free honeymoon extra..there was nowhere to indicate when we did the online booking that it was our honeymoon. Thanks for any help!

    Again...I am SO excited!!!!!

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    I booked our honeymoon through the airline website, so I was worried about this, too. I called 1.800.COUPLES, spoke to a VERY nice woman who brought up my reservation and marked that it was our honeymoon. She reminded me to bring a copy of the marriage license. A very easy, quick phone call!

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    congrats! My husband and I were to go to Sans Soucci May 23-28th for our honeymoon. However, due to the air traffic controller striker, our flight was sent back to Charlotte, NC when we were only a half hour-45 minutes from landing. We are looking at rebooking for January. Maybe we will see you there!

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