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    Default Number of Guests

    Is there any difference in the reception portion of the wedding for large amounts of guests? Do you recommend not exceeding a certain number of guests? I want a small wedding, but have been asked by plenty of folks to attend. I don't expect everyone to attend, but just wondering how many folks these ceremonies can accommodate comfortably.

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    I've seen mention on the board of parties of 100 people. I'd imagine they can accomodate fairly large parties, BUT you would need to know the number of people well in advance. When you pick your date and time, there is a notation that management reserves the right to require a change of the date/time for parties over 10 people. What they probably can't accomodate is 3 or 4 wedding in one day that each have a large number of people. My suggestion would be to get a good estimate of that number pretty quickly and tell the wedding coordinator. I would think that if you are the first one for that day who has notified them of a larger party, that you will get your first choice of date/time.

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    Thanks so much.

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