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    Default Send in docs- confirmation?

    Hi All,
    We've sent in our notorized copies of our birth certificated and IDs (pre wedding). Are we supposed to hear from couples to confirm that they have received this? Do you know who i should contact if i don't hear? Any help would be great. Thank you!!

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    Ash, I tracked my documents via Canada Post and it shows them being received On May 16. I waited a few days then I sent an email to Ryan and heard nothing so I emailed Debbie this is the response I got

    Your documents have not been processed yet. Youíll receive an email confirmation once weíve received and processed your documents. Please allow 7-10 business days for this process. If you donít receive an email confirmation, please do not hesitate to contact me and Iíll be happy to check into it.

    Well I have heard nothing. I am freaking out. All I wanted to know is if the documents were in the office. Well according to my calculations tomorrow will be 10 business days since my confirmation from Canada Post stating the documents were received. So I will be sending Debbie an email first thing in the morning. I am down to 43 days till the wedding and 39 days till we leave!

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    If I can remember we did not receive anything from them but you can email the wedding coordinator and she can confirm for you that they did receive them. This is what I did just to be sure.

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    Someone from the Miramar, FL location will email you when the docs have been received and sent to Jamaica for processing. We used express mail service to send everything and about 5 days later, I got my email confirmation. I hope this helps

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    I never heard anything either. I eventually emailed Debbie and she confirmed everything had been processed and it was all good to go.

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    Well I emailed Debbie this morning (it had been 10 business days since my tracking number showed delivery of the documents). I just got the confirmation email from here about 2 mins ago. Horray one less thing to worry about!

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    now I'm worried. I mailed our documents in on April 26 and haven't heard anything.

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    Magpie just send an email to Debbie. I had sent my documents registered mail thru Canada Post and I had a tracking number it took about 2 weeks to get there. Then because I can't wait for them to email me since my stress level is way high lol I emailed Debbie thats when she told me they take 5-10 business days to process. I waited the 10 days then I emailed her and she sent me the confirmation

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    Debbie emailed me today with my confirmation!
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    I emailed Debbie and she told me everything is all set! Yay!! Documents- CHECK!!

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    thats great news Ash

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    I e-mailed her and she said it would be 7-10 days but we sent ours in over 15 days ago. No word back yet.

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    Amanda, were you able to track your documents thru the postoffice. I sent mine registered Canada Post and had a tracking number so I knew exactly when they were received. I then sent an email to Debbie and got the same response of 7-10 days, I waited exactly 10 business days from the time they arrived, then sent another email to Debbie and she sent me confirmation.

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    My fiancee sent them so I'm not sure if he got the tracking on it. I e-mailed Debbie again about 2 days ago saying we have waited more than the requested amount of days and still no confirmation. I usually get an email back from here rather quickly but we are going on 3 days now without a response. We are supposed to be getting married June 13th. I'm getting nervous. Should I call?

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    yes call and email. I am sure everything is fine but I would not wait.

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    I called Debbie and she said that the documents were good and they were sent down to Jamaica! Yay!

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    Horray Amanda thats great news

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    I am not sure how to mail these? Through USPS or UPS/FedEx?
    I emailed Debbie, but she must be busy as I have not gotten a response yet. Any help?

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    We used USPS but we did it to where they would get there within a few days of sending.

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    I had read somewhere that they had to be sent registered mail. I sent mine thru Canada Post by registered mail. It took about 2 weeks to reach Florida but I had a tracking number so I knew exactly when someone at Couples signed and received them

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    I sent all my documents via FEDEX, overnight delivery and also freaked out that I had not heard from anyone. After a few emails to Debbie, I finally received my confirmation for her, letting me know that the materials were received & sent for processing; however the time I received confirmation took about 3 weeks. So my advise, always important docs with a tracking# / express mail, if possible, and definitely follow up yourself, especially if it is time sensitive.

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