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    Default Jus Talk Calling Cards @ CSA

    I know what the rates will be to use our Verizon cell phones while at CSA but was curious if the gift shop is still selling the Jus Talk calling cards - don't want to bring a laptop, etc.

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    The cards have always been available when we have gone to CSA over the last six years. You have to ask for them at the gift shop, they are not out on display. We plan on using them again this year.

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    We have the same concern, LoriB27...we also have Verizon. I would be interested to now if the calling cards are available at CSS.

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    We were at CSA last week and purchased the JusTalk calling cards at the "Dis and Dat" store off the lobby. Not sure if the other gift shops have them.

    It was a great deal - $9 US for 100 minutes. Plus a $2 connection fee for each call. We actually gave ours away at end of trip since we still had over 30 minutes left.

    Have a great time.....

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    We just called about this same issue. They have the cards in the gift shop for $4 and $9. I think the $9 card is an hour and a half of talk time. The resort will also charge a $2 connection fee for each call, but it won't use minutes from your card for connecting. I think it's a better deal than using your cell phone. We'll be there next Saturday!

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    Does CN have these cards available? We asked a couple years ago and they did not. We did not ask the last few times we were there.

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    Anyone know where else these can be purchased?
    When we were at CSA 3 years ago, the gift shop said they did not have them
    We will be at CN on 8/4.

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