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    Some of our best friends are joining us at CSS in 18 days. My friend and his wife went to CN five years ago for their honeymoon. That was their first trip to Couples and as far as they know that don't have a Romance Rewards account. Can someone tell me what they need to do to set this up and get the Romance Rewards credit for their second trip? Thanks!

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    They should sign up online at this link ( ) then call 1-800-COUPLES to see about getting credit for their prior visit. Five years ago might be on the bubble for getting past credit. I know that you keep credit for stays for five years if you are registered at the time of your stay, but I can't swear that they'll go back for five years to apply credit to a new Romance Rewards account. They'll have all the answeres at the 800 number.
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    It's as simple as going to the romance rewards section on the web site and signing up. Only one per couple needs to do so.

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    Have them go to and click on Romance Rewards and sign up. But they won't get credit for their first trip because it's been too long ago.
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    I just asked the same question.....hopefully someone will answer.......

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    Hi jtlooney24-I Googled "Couples Romance Rewards" and found the following link:

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