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    Default HELP!!! What should we pack????

    16 more days until my husband and I arrive at CSA Can anyone please suggest must pack items and clothing. This is our first trip outside of the US and I am a little nervous, I just want things to be perfect. Any tips you can offer us would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!

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    Black pen for customs!!!!

    You will spend most of the day is your swim suits so 4 or more cause they dont dry fast enough and a few cover ups or t- shirts for him. Plus some flip flops

    At night most women wear some type of summer dress and dressier sandles. Men need collard shirts and nice shorts or long pants for reservation resturants. Plus closed toe shoes. We only bring 5 outfits and rewear them, cause you just aren't in them long enoght to get them dirty.

    CSA has a gym so work out clothes if you want to work out.

    Besides normal personal bathroom stuff, Lots of sun screen, conditioner, tums, advil, small flash light, a luffa, good book, and a camara.

    You need small bills if you want to buy anything from beach vendors and tips for baggage handler, shuttle drivers, and spa workers.

    But that is about all you'll need. We'll be there in 7 days maybe we'll see you on the beach.

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    For the gentleman:

    Multiple swim suits are a must, for men as well as women. You will need very little in the way of day wear as you will be in a swim suit a majority of the time. If you do not plan on going off property for any excursions then you may not need any extra shorts, shirts or shoes beyond what you will wear for travel days. A couple of tee shirts are needed to wear for breakfast and lunch if you eat at the indoor restaurants. Flip flops or sandals for daytime. Sandals are ok for evenings also if they are not too ragged.

    Evening clothes are the next thing. Comfortable and casual without being too low brow. No cut offs or sleeveless shirts for evenings, please. Men will not need any jackets and only one pair of long pants and a pair of closed toe shoes if you plan on eating at Feathers. No ties or jackets required unless that is your thing.

    Work out stuff if you are into that. Bathroom gear and something to sleep in, or not.

    Electronics if needed: camera, iPod, maybe a small laptop if you need it, wifi is available.

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    I still have not gotten it down after 20+ years of traveling!! Pack lots of swim suits as you will be in them most of the day. I usually pack 1 per day.....I know over packing...LOL but you never know when you will put one on and just go OH NO...I'm not wearing that in public. I like to have plenty of back ups ;-}

    A couple of sarongs for cover ups on the beach for when you want to go for a beer run or potty run.

    I usually pack a few pair of nice shorts and several tops to mix and match. For dressier wear some nice sun dresses, skorts, wrap skirts etc are nice. Don't forget to bring a light shawl for the air conditioned restaurants. Some of them can get a little chilly, especially on bare arms that have been in the sun all day. Rule of thumb is pack what you think you need then take out 1/2 of what you packed and you should be OK!

    Get a really good sun screen for your face if you are fair skinned. I use Neutrogena 70 SPF and for the first time in ages I do not have a bright red nose. A packable hat with a wide brim will come in handy for those walks on the beautiful beach.

    We also take several dryer sheets for several reasons. Sometimes in the humid tropical locations things can smell a little musty this is NO reflection of the resort!!. I am extremely sensitive to some smells and that damp humid smell is one of them. If the pillows smell I will take a 1/2 dryer sheet and place in the pillow case and no more musty smell. We also place them in the drawers and closets to keep our clothes smelling fresh.

    This year I discovered the trial size of the Downy Wrinkle Release. WOW!! it really works and it is a lot easier then ironing! Don't forget the bug repellant, benedryl cream or some type of anti itch just in case a mossie finds you. Between my friend and I we are a traveling pharmacy when we vacation. Sad to say everything we have taken has been used at one time or another.

    Happy packing!!

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    This has been asked before and this is what I posted:
    This will be our first Couples trip, but we've been to Jamaica several times. It depends on your planned excursions and what you would like to do at the resort. We spend time on the au natural beach, so for weeks stay, we usually bring only three swimsuits/trunks. I bring 7-10 pairs of shorts and tops, 7 dresses for dinner. I stick primarily to causal dresses. I am a shoe fanatic, so I bring numerous flip flops, sandals, and 1 or 2 pairs of dress sandals for the evening. I try not to do anything that requires tennis shoes/sneakers, but if you are planning an activity that requires those, be sure to bring them. John brings 7-10 pairs of shorts, tropical type shirts, and T-shirts. I will be the first to admit this is excessive, but we manage to wear all most everything we bring.

    If you're looking for cute beach dresses and coverups, look at Victoria Secret online.

    Have a great stay! Our trip is not until September...needless to say, we are looking forward to it.

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    There was a thread out here about 3 wks ago that had tons of must pack items. See if you can find that, it was extremely helpful for our trip. We brought bug spray wipes for any night beach time. The sand fleas get hungry around dusk.

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    Check out this thread:

    Lot's of great ideas here.

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    Share suitcases. That way if one gets lost in transit you'll still have some clothes to wear.

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    Do a search for the thread titled "I wish I would have thougth of that" on here. Read the entire thread and make a list as you read and you will be done. Trust me, if it's not listed on that thread, you don't need it, and most of what is listed is overkill, but as you read it you'll know what to put on your list.

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