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    Default So excited...just booked CSA

    We just booked the Beachfront Verandah Suite for our 3rd Anniversary in August. We are so eager to go after looking up the hotel and reviewing all the reviews. I told my husband that everyone says that this is the best vacation spot. We went to the Hyatt in Aruba for our honeymoon so my husband doubts this hotel will beat that but we are hoping that it will be close. I hope we get the first floor.
    I can't wait.

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    I bet it will beat it, no contest!

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    we just booked yesterday ourselves!! I can't wait to finally get to CSA. Every year we have attempted to go it was booked, but this Aug, we will be there as well!! Usually we go to CSS, which in my IMO not what it was back in 2007! Its still a lovely place, but no comparison to CSA. We have also stayed at COR now CTI and it was far from the others. This was before the remodel phase as well...Our last visit was awesome, we even squeezed in Bob Marley's Nine Mile and Dunn's Rivers Falls. This round I will try to squeeze rafting/tubing and the must go spot Rick's Cafe!! I was sold on Rick's Cafe years ago when watching the travel channel. One thing we won't miss about going to Ocho Rios is the long ride there!! :smh: Cheers!!

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    Welcome to the Couples family. I hope you and your husband love CSA as much as we do.

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    Let me be the second to welcome you to the Couples Family!!! I haven't been to Aruba but have only heard good things about it. I looked at the Hyatt's website and the hotel looks very upscale as far as hotels go. We've been to many islands and now Jamaica is our favorite and we'll be returning to CSA this December and can't wait. We prefer the laid back, comfortable environment at CSA to the grand hotel experience. But besides the resort the Jamaican people are awesome. We found that if we took an interest in the person we talked to that they'd smile and treat us like family. That's one of the reasons that we say that we're "going home" whenever we talk about our next visit. You will feel that you've become a part of CSA during your stay and you'll be heartbroken when you have to leave. Enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA, and start your day off right with a hummingbird and banana stuffed french toast at Patois Patio!

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    Can anyone please tell me how long the ride is to CTI?



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    My fiance and I spent months on the internet determined that we were going to Aruba for our wedding and honeymoon and had it all figured out to find out that beach weddings weren't legal there so we would have to go to Aruba's courthouse, which of course that wasnt what we wanted so we checked into going to Curaco for 7 days for the wedding and then Aruba for 10 nights or so. well it added up quite fast and decided that maybe we shouldnt be spending ALL of that money so we decided to look at diffferent options and came across Couples Negril on another website which we fell in love with in no time at all!! We booked CN and thought we were happy with that and then my fiance found CSA and was determined that he wanted to stay there so we canceled the reservations for CN and went with CSA for 10 nights and then just kept doing more research and digging and now we are booked for 1 week at CTI and 1 week at CSA (where we are getting married) and the last week at CN(our honeymoon) in Dec of 2012 and to top things off we have spent more money on this trip then what we were looking at in Aruba and Curaco. So to sum things up....we spent more money then we have ever imagined spending for Aruba and Curaco but we know we have made the right decisions without a doubt and now all we have to do is spend the next 17 months paying if off!!! HA I'm pretty sure 17 months is NEVER going to get here!!

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    You are going to love CSA. It's so romantic and there are lots of bar and food choices. The beach is beautiful. Make sure to take advantage of the free inclusions. We loved snorkeling. Also the Sports Complex is the best. Congrats on the anniversary. We spent our 10 year their and fell in love. We can't wait to go back in 2013! CSA rocks.

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    We are going to CSA in august for our first anniversary and could not be any more excited! Everything I have read about the beach, food, staff, activities, etc all make me even more sure we have picked the right place. We have never been to Jamaica, so that makes it even more exciting. just a little over two months!!!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks everyone. This will be our longest trip away from our baby. He will be 14 months in August. I've been to Jamaica before but I stayed in Montego Bay and visited Ocho Rios briefly to go to Dunns River Falls. I was torn about being so far from Dunns River Falls because I loved climbing the waterfall. My husband hasn't been to Jamaica but he said he didn't care if we climbed the waterfall.

    So I chose Negirl because I have always heard that Negril was so beautiful. Originally we were going to book the Riu Tropical but then my friend told me to look into Couples or Sandals. I couldn't believe all the stuff that was included. We are actually paying about $600 mores for this hotel but that's because we booked the beachfront room. We decided to go all out this trip and spend a little extra. I hope we get the bottom level so we can just walk out to the beache.. I'm trying not to wish the days away so the trip can get here faster but it's hard, we really need a vacation.

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    I'll be booking our February trip this week. We cant wait to get back to CSA!. Everything you've read on these boards about it is TRUE! It's Heaven on Earth- and nothing beats it's beach!

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