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    Default signing up for dinners and activities before we leave

    First timers at CSA 10-30/ 11-05 just wondering if we can sign up for dinners and activities before we leave?

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    Yes. If it's a special occasion, email the concierge and make dinner reservations. We did and it was in our check in package.
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    NO, you have to get there and get assigned your room number. Then go to the concierge desk and make any reservations you want to make. You'll get in on whatever times you want and whatever activities you want, no problems.

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    You can reserve the beach front dinner (which is extra) prior to arriving at CSA. We've always thought that you cannot book any restaurant reservations prior to arrival, so I am surprised by sublimebrad's post. Since probably over 50% of the people are there for some sort of special occasion (wedding, anniversary, birthday), it seems unusual that they would make an exception to the rule and let you make a restaurant reservation prior to arrival. Of course, maybe brad's occasion was extra special!

    As for the activities, you really don't need to make a reservation prior to arrival. There are 3 snorkeling trips a day, and you can reserve a spot one day prior to the snorkel trip. (Tip: book the 11:00 snorkeling trip as the waves tend to kick up in the afternoon.) The cat cruise does fill up fairly quickly, but there are numerous cruises throughout the course of the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    Yes. If it's a special occasion, email the concierge and make dinner reservations. We did and it was in our check in package.
    would like one of the romance packages for our stay and have email the concierge but haven't heard anything back..........Did you hear anything back before your check-in?

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    I wouldn't necessarily agree with RubiGal in that you'll get in "whatever times you want" because that hasn't been how it works in our case. The 2 reservation only restaurants book 3 days in advance...when you go to the Concierge desk, they'll let you know what times are available. We were only able to get a 9pm (the latest time slot) dinner at Lemon Grass 2 days in advance. And the Catarmeran cruise books quick...we had to wait 3 days after our arrival day for an open time slot. So yes, you have to wait until you get here, and get assigned your room number. If you're staying longer than 4 days, it shouldn't be a problem to get the activities you want, but not necessarily at the times that are most convenient for you.
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    As far as I knew, if you were going to book the candlelight beach dinner (extra $$), you could do that through the online Romance Concierge (click on "Contact Us" on the bottom of the Couples Home Page). Otherwise, ya gotta be checked in and on-resort to make arrangements for dinner reservations and activities.

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    My wife booked Lemongrass for my birthday a month before our trip. Even ordered a cake to be brought out. When we arrived the reservation was in our package.
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    That is fantastic that you can make dinner reservations ahead of time for a special occasion! I had no idea that they were amenable to doing this, but of course, Couples always goes above and beyond in the service. We will be there for my birthday AND our anniversary, so I am going to request dinner reservations now!!!!

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    Well, I'm planning my wedding-moon and was told I could book the following through Debbie: reservations Lemon Grass and Feathers, BUT only the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding. Any other reservations for those restaurants had to be made upon arrival at the resort. I can book the private beach dining ($170 per couple) through Debbie as well. I can also book pre-wedding spa services through Debbie. I haven't asked about booking other spa services or excursions (free or the ones that cost extra).

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