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    Hi All -
    Coming on my honeymoon at the very end of August.

    I know there is unlimited golf but I haven't see anything on any of the sites showing the course or any pictures of it.

    Does anyone know which course it is for CN and where I can find a website.


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    Golf is at Negril Hills Golf Course. They do have a website.

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    Thank you so much.

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    also if you go its better if you take a taxi and get there before the resort buses so you will beat the crowds....
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    Does anyone know how much the taxi to Negril Hills Golf would be from CN?

    These postings are so helpful!
    Thanks all

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    When we went in March, we preferred to golf in the afternoon. We left the resort at 1:00 pm and were back by 4:30 pm. If you are planning on playing more than once, I would suggest that you bring your own gear.

    The caddies at Negril Hills are great - my husband and I had Sharron and Steacie. They were both wonderful. If you get them say hi from Will and Jen from Canada.

    We also left our gear at the Golf Course for our entire vacation - it was nice not to have to lug it back and forth every day.

    We always walked as we wanted some exercise.

    But remember - they don't call it Negril Hills for nothing - lots and lots of up and down.


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    I would take the resort bus. I went on a busy day - with that said there were only 12 golfers in total. I met the other golfers while waiting in the CN lobby and we put ourselves in foursomes . The bus was waiting for us when we got off the course. I rented the clubs for $25.oo, shared a cart, had a shared caddie and including tip this ended up costing around $100.

    Like Jenni said, if you are going to golf more then once you may want to take your own clubs. If not then take a few golf balls & tees with you.

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    Thanks everyone. So I can see we can rent clubs there, which is great and easy for a right handed golfer ie: My fiance. However, I am lefthanded and don't want to bring my own clubs. Would I have able to rent left handed women's clubs for myself?

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    If you can get up early, say 6:00am, you can book a 7:00amtee time. Arrange for a cab the night before. I think the cab costs $30US return, though it may have been $40 after a tip. We grabbed a coffee and bagel before we left. We were on the first tee by seven, asked the cabbie to retrieve us from the course at 10:00, were on the beach nibbling a second breakfast, sipping mimosas by 10:30 The second day it was getting warm so we skipped the 16th an 17th holes and grabbed a cold drink with our caddies before the cab came.

    Left-handed women's clubs to rent, hmm, I would hope so, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


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    We went to CN in May and the golf course was empty. Our caddy said they are dead during the summer so I wouldn't worry about it being crowded. These guys work for mostly tips, they get less than half of the caddie fee, so make sure you bring a nice tip for them.

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