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    Default Looking for a few recipes for our favorite Jamaican drinks

    Does anyone happen to know the recipes for a "Coconut Passion", the "YooHoo shot" or a "Coconut Punch"? I was able to find all of the others on the web but these three have been hard to find. Btw, if you are heading to Couples soon, I envy the good time you'll have! Try any one of these.

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    Orcrist13 I have the one for Coconut Passion:
    1/2 oz passion rum
    3/4 oz coconut rum
    1 oz pineapple juice
    Dash of Grenadine
    Dash of lime juice
    1 oz orange juice

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    Thanks a bunch Sox! That was the last one I needed for our recipe book.

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    Your welcome.

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