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    Default diving at csa

    I am a certified diver going to CSA in August. Other than my dive card, do I need any additional info (Insurance??). Thanks

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    I am a certified diver who had not dove in 15 years. I had brought my dive card on our trip
    to CSA last March. They gave me a refresher in the pool at a cost of $50 because it had been
    so long since my last dive. It was worth it ,I did 9 dives during the two weeks that we split
    between CSA and CN. I even did a night dive $35 it was AMAZING !!! There are two Airplanes
    that you can dive on as well as a Tug Boat and soom great reefs
    So to answer your Question , all that you need is your Dive Card.
    Also if you have any Medical Conditions you need a note from your Doctor.

    Enjoy Your Dives Gary

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    Hi redd one,
    We just purchased 'Dan Insurance' this year. My sister and her DH have it and talked me into it. It really is a good investment if anything should happen, diving related or not. I highly recommend checking it out online.

    As for requirements at the resort, you need your- C-card and log book, that's it. If it's been a while since your last dive they'll likely have you do a refresher course for $50

    Have fun!

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    Yes you will need to fill out the medical form. Go to the PADI home page and print it out. Do it now because if you answer yes to anything (and I mean anything; even allergies) you will need a doctor to sign-off before you can dive. Better you have your own than pay extra for one in Jamaica. We did it last summer for our September trip to "S" in Cuba and will do again this summer for our September trip to CN.

    Also a good idea to bring your log book. Some ask for it; some don't. Our computer holds our last 50 dives so they could have checked there; if they wanted to.


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    Nope. Might be nice to bring your dive book. I think they want to be sure that it hasn't been 20 years since you last dove. My husband forgot his the first time but they asked when he last dove and it was like a week before so they were fine.

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    Default diving

    Thanks for all the info !! Am I correct in understanding that dives are included at CSA?? If I can't find my log book, is it a big deal?? This will be my first time to Jamaica, can't wait !!!!!!!!!

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    I think the first time my husband dove at CSA they asked for all the information mentioned above as well as his passport or another peice of photo ID. Guess they wanted to make sure he was who he said he was. Has never happened again at CSA because now they just check that he has been on a dive previously at CSA.

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    We went to CN in February. We had our AOW cards and weren't asked for log books and didn't need to do any refresher. We did have to fill out the medical form and we answered 'no' to everything. The form is on the Couples website if you need to have a doctor's signature.

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    Redd one - Do you have a dive computer? If so, if they ask for verification of your last dive you can show that.
    They will ask when your last dive was. If it's been awhile they will require you to pay for a refresher.

    We don't use logbooks any more, but when we went to CSA we brought a printout of our dives off our computer.
    This last time at CSS we didn't bother and were tsk tsk'd by one of the DM or indtructors there for not always carrying a dive log. Ya right, these days who wants to pack something that big. They were going to let us dive anyway,as could've showed out computers... but as bad luck had it, red flag and all, we never got out all week. At CSS it wasn't a problem, the dive staff were awesome and we had some good dives.

    Have fun!

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