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    Default To Declare or not to Declare!?

    Hi everyone,
    A friend of mine is a school teacher and every year she receives a free "oral health" classroom kit for her classroom. This year she received 2 kits and gave the second one to me donate to a school. The kit includes a poster and sing-a-long cd for the teacher. There is also a small book and a toothpaste/ toothbrush packet for 50 kids! So, my question is, do I just put these in by suitcase and not declare or do I need to declare them? Don't want to get in trouble! Thanks in advance!

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    I wouldn't consider that an item to declare. Essentially the only time you are going to be noticed if you really do have items to declare but don't do it would be if you have an entire suitcase full of items clearly not vacation related.

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    Hard question, but a box that big, I would declare it. I would start by emailing the Couples Resorts Charity, Issa Trust Foundation , and see if they have any advice.

    The email for them is or (I think the yahoo address is better)

    Also see this tread:

    It you were bringing 5 I would not declare, but 50 is a lot, and they would say you are importing without paying tax. Not worth the risk of starting a vacation on a bad note.

    If you decide not to declare, your will most likely not get checked, unless you are acting like you are hiding something or you are the lucky person to get checked.
    Irie Mon

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    I wouldn't declare. We bring a box of dictionaries and/or thesauri every year (think case of 24 from your local $1 store). We have to break the case down and put the books into our luggage, but you can then pack the flattened case in your suitcase... it won't take up any room if its the size I'm thinking. You can then repackage everything when you get to the resort, then bring the package to the front desk.

    Great idea, by the way!

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    Thanks for the response. So, if I do declare them and say they are a donation for a school does anyone know how much duty I would pay? I'm guessing the value is between 150-200 dollars? Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the advice Chris. I'm thinking that's what I'm going to do. The size of the box is only 3 x 12 x 13 inches. I could also divide them between our two suitcases. The kit is designed for K-2nd graders and is really nice. I'm glad my friend was so generous and gave it to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jon1963 View Post
    If you decide not to declare, your will most likely not get checked, unless you are acting like you are hiding something or you are the lucky person to get checked.
    In 15 trips I've never seen anyone get checked on the way IN...maybe I missed it. Seems when you are arriving they barely give you a glance, those customs lines move very quickly.

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    The visit before last I brought in a load of eye glasses and some school supplies so I went in the Declare line at MB Customs to be safe as the items were clearly not for my holiday or personal use. When they unpacked my bag, the Customs guys clearly thought I was bonkers and a bit of a nuisance to be wasting their time, so I won't be doing that again!

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