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    Default Palm Hat Guy at CN

    Wife bought a really neat palm hat that a vendor at CN made for her. She liked it, I thought it was neat.

    BUT..... according to the little beagle that works for dog treats at the US Customs in Philly, you can't take it into the US.

    The beagle busted her!

    Kinda too bad, cuz the guy said it would dry into a normal straw/palm hat. Turns out the palm can't be brought into the US due to a red palm mite.

    Who knew.

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    bad luck have carried all my made hats in thru charlotte and never have any issues...can always check it into your bags next time
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    Yep, I had the same problem I was totally bummed because I looked really cute in hat and I was going to use it when I worked in the yard.

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    My husband had the same problem. It was confiscated in Orlando. We were told if the palms were already dried and brown he could have kept it. Not sure if that is true or not though.

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    I was able to keep mine that was still "green" when I went through US Customs back in 2007. It was touch and go...but they finally released it as ok to go through...It's in the back window of my car as a daily reminder!

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    My husband had the same problem in Atlanta. They made us go through an additional security check for agriculture items. Atleast they asked us if we wanted to take a picture before they took it.

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