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    Default Golf at Couples Negril Question

    I know that the golf is included at couples negril, but there is no golf course info on the site at all. If anyone has gone, could you please share your info so we know if we should drag the clubs along or not.
    Thanks in advance!! - guinnessguy -

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    Negril Hills Country Club is a brief 15 minute bus ride from CN (about 10 min from SweptAway). They have adequate rental equipment (additional $$), and a hilly tract (as the name implies). Its enough inland to bring on the heat once you're beyond the influence of that wonderful sea breeze, so you'll want to keep that in mind. We've done the course a few times... and its not so bad for the average duffer. Our experience has been that you'll really want to get your golf fix to leave the beach. It does provide a nice change of pace, though.

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    By all means, drag them along! The course is called Negril Hills and it is quite nice. Not a great clubhouse or anything but the course is good, quite tight so take lots of balls. What we enjoy the most about golf in Jamaica is the chance to play with a caddie! They are for the most part very good players and will take many shots off your score.

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    I agree with Marnies that having a caddie is an awesome experience. We played Negril Hills twice during our trip back in 2008. Us three guys left the women to sleep in and hit the links to get our fix. We didn't rent carts and walked the course with the caddies. Back then the rental clubs were terrible but I've read on the board that they've improved. In any event I'll take my own clubs when we return in December. I just don't enjoy playing when I don't have faith in the clubs I'm playing with. You'll need that faith when you're hitting drives onto a tight, hard fairway or on blind approach shots to an uphill green. The course isn't lush like we've come to expect here in the US but it is on par with what I've played on other islands. See if the caddie Ronnie is still there and if so tell her that Steve, Jim and Joe from NY will look for her the first week in December. She's an awesome lady and will treat you well. Here's a few pictures of the course to give you an idea of how it is.
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