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    Default Pre-Checkin Online?

    In the romance rewards section it says that guests must pre-checkin online in order to receive romance rewards benefits, but there is no link provided. Can someone direct me or post a link to where i can pre-checkin?


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    I just checked and the link is working....

    Couples Resorts

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    How soon before we leave should we pre-checkin? We're 37 days away!

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    At least 3 days. We did it a week before.

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    How far in advance would be too far? I may have done so several months before our next trip because I happened to be on the site. Thinking maybe I should remember to do it closer to the actual trip than that.

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    You can do your pre-check up to 3 days prior to arrival. I always do the pre-check in a month prior to our arrival - it gives me something to look forward to!

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    I pre-check in up to 3 months in advance and have never had any trouble. I like to get all of that out of the way so I can focus on what to pack three days before. BTW I always over pack. I should just bring all swimsuits and three dresses and call it a week.
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    Silly question... but how can you confirm that the pre-check in made it into the system? I didn't get a confirmation email.

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