So, I'm reading all sorts of posts regarding wedding photography and there are a lot of people saying that they have a small budget. Now, my idea of a small budget might be someone else's idea of a decent budget and might make someone else laugh.

So, is anyone willing to tell me what they actually spent on an outside photographer? (Not including the $500 fee for the resort.) I'm emailing photographers now and it seems like a game..."hi, what's your pricing"....response "what's your budget." lol My budget is kind of flexible. I don't want to low ball when I answer, but I also don't want to overstate it. kwim? I don't want to say $1,000 and have a photographer say "oh, well that won't work." I also don't want to say $2,500 and have the photographer set up a package for that amount when I could have gotten a package I'd be happy with for $1,500.


I totally understand if you don't want to publically announce how much you paid/are planning to pay for the photographer, so email me at if you don't mind sharing privately.