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    Default What exactly IS a small budget for photography?

    So, I'm reading all sorts of posts regarding wedding photography and there are a lot of people saying that they have a small budget. Now, my idea of a small budget might be someone else's idea of a decent budget and might make someone else laugh.

    So, is anyone willing to tell me what they actually spent on an outside photographer? (Not including the $500 fee for the resort.) I'm emailing photographers now and it seems like a game..."hi, what's your pricing"....response "what's your budget." lol My budget is kind of flexible. I don't want to low ball when I answer, but I also don't want to overstate it. kwim? I don't want to say $1,000 and have a photographer say "oh, well that won't work." I also don't want to say $2,500 and have the photographer set up a package for that amount when I could have gotten a package I'd be happy with for $1,500.


    I totally understand if you don't want to publically announce how much you paid/are planning to pay for the photographer, so email me at if you don't mind sharing privately.

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    I actually paid my deposit for Stacey Clarke today ($200). I booked her for three hours and my total bill is $1,375 (including the $500 and $200 deposit). Stacey Clarke has excellent photographs and she also pays $250 of the resort fee. She was perfect for my price range and seems like someone in yours as well. Using her for three hours will give me about 300 photos. If you want more information you can email her at stacey@staceyclarkephoto

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    I actually just paid my $200 deposit for Stacey Clarke today. I have booked Stacey for 3 hours at a total cost of $1,375 (including the $500 resort fee and deposit). Stacey also splits the resort with you 50/50, so the total is with you paying a resort fee of $250. I feel that Stacey is very reasonable for someone who is on a budget like myself. With 3 hours of pictures I should get around 300 edited photographs on a CD. If you went with the resort photographers you are only goiing to get 24 or 36 photos. I find spending the little bit of extra money if you have it well worth it. If you have any questions you can email Stacey at She is very helpful and will email you pretty quickly.

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    Thanks Candace!! I was actually emailing with Stacey while you were posting!! lol That's the exact package I'm looking at as well! When/where are you getting married? I'm CSA on 5/16/12 at 4pm.

    I was pleasantly surprised that she pays 1/2 the resort fee! My budget turns out to not be all *that* small. I thought, when reading other posts, that it might have been the case that MY idea of a small budget was skewed. Two facts about me that are necessary to understand that statement are: 1. I'm an attorney (now, I work for the government so I'm not rolling in, I do make a good living.); and, 2. my parent's paid $4,000 for my photography TEN years ago. So, when I crunched the numbers and realized that my maximum budget for photography was $1,800, I thought that was a small budget. I was so very happy that Stacey had packages within my budget!!

    I've decided to go with Stacey and I will be paying the deposit soon. What REALLY sealed the deal for me was some advice from a friend. She (who shall remain nameless) is the former editor-in-chief of a Canadian fashion magazine and she is currently the owner/editor-in-chief of an equestrian magazine, said that she would pick Stacey HANDS DOWN after looking at a few websites that I showed her of my options. She said that Stacey's photos made her smile and that she perfectly captured the joy the couples felt. THAT is what I want. I want everyone to see the love/joy I feel every time I look at Chris!! (She also said that Stacy WAY under charges for her talent, but I need to get my contract signed before I mention that to Stacey!)

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    I just booked stacey last week, she is super amazing we booked her intimate love package 2 hours at $1195.00. included in that price is half of the resort $500.00 vendor fee.

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    I hired Marcia Roberts. I have her as long as I need her and she charged me 1200.00 but she did mention that she works with your budget. I also have to pay the 500.00 resort fee on top of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunstarsmoon View Post
    I hired Marcia Roberts. I have her as long as I need her and she charged me 1200.00 but she did mention that she works with your budget. I also have to pay the 500.00 resort fee on top of that.
    I did contact Marcia as well. I do like her pictures, but I like Stacey's better (purely a matter of personal aesthetic, I'd imagine). I got the same quote that you did, which would mean that she is actually $75 more than Stacey.

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    I think Stacey is a great choice for your budget! Our wedding is at CSA on 12/19/11!

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    When is your wedding Magpie?

    Candace...yours will be coming up quickly!! I'll look forward to seeing the pictures if you post them on the board!!

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    We are getting married at CSA on July 15 at 4pm Thanks for the great info about staceys' work- i don't know much about photography but by comparison I thought she was fabulous and she seems very nice. When is your big day?

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    I have 343 days to It's May 16, 2012.

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