Hi. My wedding is set for 5/16/2012 at CSA. I saw the 2011 weight loss thread and wanted to see who is interested in doing one for 2012???

A few health issues (hypothyroid & insulin resistance) caused me to gain A LOT of weight in about 1.5 years. When my fiancee and I met I was 150 pounds and a size 6. I'm 5'5", but I'm a power lifter, so I have a lot of muscle mass, that's why I was in such a small size at 150 pounds. Anyway, I've been medicated for the thyroid condition and I've gone on a low carb diet to avoid my problems with insulin resistance. My ultimate goal for the wedding is 150 pounds, but I'd be happy with 165 pounds (size 8). I've lost 35 pounds so far and have 65 to go. It sounds like a lot of weight, but I lost 35 pounds in five months without the motivation of the wedding. Since my wedding is 11.5 months away, I should be able to make my weight loss goal based on what I've lost so far.

Who's in?