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Thread: CSA Aug. 20-29

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    Default CSA Aug. 20-29

    Don't you just hate people that brag!!! Only 10 days until hubby and I are at CSA. This will be our 4th trip there. I just can't get enough of that place. I look forward to meeting the wonderful people that take care of us. Everyone I work with is very jealous that we are going to CSA. Wish everyone could go. So excited! So ready!

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    We are leaving in 10 days! This will be our first trip. Also celebrating our 15th anniv

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    Yup, the official start date for the "Single Digit Fidgets" begins with us tomorrow. We'll be there from the 21st-28th.

    Still holding up ok. The real pain of anticipation kicks in with about 5 days to go! This will be our third trip, so one the one hand we know what to expect, but on the other hand we know what we are missing :P

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