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    Default CTI Snorkeling!!

    We're honeymooning to CTI in July, and love the idea of going snorkeling at least once if not 2 or 3 times when we are there. We were wondering if anyone knew what days and times the off site snorkeling excursions were held. Also anyone who has been snorkeling at CTI any input on it, what kind of fish and sea life did you sea, how long was it for, etc.

    Also what other water sports would you suggest??

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    We went snorkeling from css and I think they use the same sights. I saw a few fish but nothing tooo fancy. the reef wasn't very active. Another man in our party saw a stingray about 100 feet from me but I didn't see it. The best part was the sunken ship. It is not very deep but completely submerged. Snorkling was one of the highlights of our trip. We also really enjoyed dunns river. Just bring a cheap underwater camera to both. We didn't and regret it! We also took the kayak out one day. We had a blast! Not sure what more you can do at cti . If we had more time we would have tried scuba but we only had 5 nights. Next time right!?

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    Default Water sports

    We were married at CTI in 2000. We snorkeled and kayaked and I did take the resort scuba class and actually made the dive. The scuba was a real highlight for me. I had snorkeled as a kid but never scuba and it was exciting.
    We are finally returning to CTI this July and I am looking forward to doing botu snorkleing and scuba again.
    You will enjoy it.

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    When we went (2009 & 2010) the snorkeling was twice daily at CTI unless it was really windy. They have a few different places to take you. We saw lots of very cool looking fish, lobster and a sea snake. They also have a night snorkel trip as well.

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    Snorkeling is twice a day when weather permits. Trick is to get out to the water sports shed when it opens and make your reservation. On our last trip in August, we were taken to a sunken ship and a reef. Really was worth going. You will see a lot of fish, but I found the variety wasn't as great as in the Bahamas or Cozumel. We did see a shark, way below us, and on our honeymoon many years ago at COR, we saw a barracuda. Otherwise you see all different colored tropical fish. Our disposable underwater camera really did not do the trip justice.

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