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    i know that we can't tip but when we went to CTI four years ago, everybody treated us sooo well. i have read about people bringing school supplies, etc. what have you brought? how did you give it? leave it on your last night? hand deliver? just curious - i would love to do something little for the workers. nothing too expensive or heavy :-) we are trying to pack one bag to check total then each have a carry on. i am putting an extra bag in our bag in case we need to check two on the way home - i want to get some alcohol and a wood carving.

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    My wife usually backs a few bags of those mini chocolate hersey bars, perfume, and bathing stuff to gift the maids and some notebooks, pencils, and crayons for school donation. This usually clears up enough space for me to bring back a couple bottle of alcohol and some wood carvings.

    The thing I hear is the best "tip" is to remember folks by name and list them on your check-out evaluation. I make an effort to jot down names each night so I can properly reward exceptional service.

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    I left all the books I read during the week for the wonderful young lady that took care of our room. I also found that chocolate is rare for them, so leaving candies was a treat.

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    We didn't tip anyone but the baggage folks at the airport and the driver. We brought about $50 worth of pencils, pens, erasers and crayons (what kid doesn't like crayons!). Left them at the front desk for them to take care of.

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    We take a 30 inch rolling duffle every year full of "supplies", then bring it back full of wood carvings, alcohol, gifts for family, etc. The supplies we take are gathered over the course of the year. I usually pick up small toys, coloring books, pencils, crayons, or whatever each time I go to Walmart, Target, etc. By the time we leave each June, the duffle bag is as full as it can be. As far as distribution, over the years, we have become pretty close with some of the staff at CTI, I usually ask them to come to my room and I put everything out on the bed, then I let them choose several things that they would like for their children. After I have covered them, I give the rest to Mr. Leonard Henry, CTI General manager, with the instructions to distribute it to his staff as he sees fit, and anything left after that, I ask him to give to a local school or church. I can tell you this......whatever you take will be greatly appreciated by all. Hope this helps.
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    What a phenomenal idea!!!!

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    Couples Resorts created a nonprofit called Issa Trust Foundation ( You can always go to "donate now" and specify where you want your money to go, medical initiatives or for the schools they support! Thank you so much!
    Diane Pollard, President & CEO
    Issa Trust Foundation
    Email: or

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    This is a fantastic idea! One thing I have learned in my travels is that no matter how tight *I* think money is, I really have no idea.

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