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    We just returned home last night from an amazing week at CSA. After reading all of the wonderful reviews we couldn't help but go in with extremely high expectations and they were still exceeded. We now know why Couples has such a huge repeat client base because we will one day be repeaters!

    Our Atrium room was beautiful, relaxing and surprisingly felt very private. We were in room 2221 in building 19 which is on the second floor and just steps from the lobby. We could see the beach from our room thru the trees. We slept with the shutters and patio doors open almost every night. With the breeze and fan we stayed very comfortable and never had any issues with any bugs. We really enjoyed napping in the hammock during the few rain showers we had. My husband is a TV junkie and was a little apprehensive about not having one for a week. (I was over the moon excited!) He admitted that not only did he not miss it he actually enjoyed it and said we will probably always stay in the Atrium rooms!

    The food was great! Not only great for an AI just great in general! My husband is a very picky eater. He rarely tries anything new but for some reason he stepped out of his little beef and potato box and loved everything! We ate breakfast at The Palms most mornings although we did go to Patois once to try the Banana Stuffed French Toast. It was very good but we really enjoyed the buffet. For lunch we either had the Cabana Grill or Sea Grapes. The fish tacos are now a favorite of the once picky eater! And I LOVED the spicy pumpkin jalapeno dip! Yummy! We had the Palms and Patois for dinner twice each and once at Feathers and Lemongrass. Again the food was great at all of them but some of our favorite items are the smoked marlin dip and burnt orange cheesecake at Patois, the pasta bar and jerk pork at The Palms, at Feathers my Shrimp and Scallop entree was wonderful and my husband really enjoyed his fillet. Lemongrass was our least favorite although we did not go away hungry! This was our first time eating Thai so we didn't really know what to expect. The shrimp wontons on the tasting platter are our favorite! I had the pad thai with shrimp and my husband had the ribs, both were good but not our favorite meal. However I did have my favorite dessert of the week there! The ginger creme brulee! Oh how I wish I had one now!

    The bars were all great! Fast service, good drinks and smiling faces! We stayed at the Martini Bar until 2am one night! Those guys were a blast!!! I really wish I could remember their names but the drinks were too good if you know what I mean! LOL!

    The entertainment staff did a great job! We caught a couple shows at the Palms and they were very entertaining! The last resort we stayed at had loud activities going all day and water aerobics every morning with a bull horn. Not here! If you want to join in on something go for it if not there is nobody there trying to pressure you. Theresa is such a sweetie! We talked to her on the beach once and she remembered our name every time we saw her!

    The staff is the real treasure of CSA especially the water sports team! Those guys works so hard and do an amazing job! We went snorkeling 3 times including a night snorkel! Yes thats right! Even me who said "No way, now how am I ever getting in the ocean at night!" Richard reassured me that he would be right there and nothing would "get me"! LOL! It turned out to be one of the coolest things I have ever done! I am so glad we did it! We signed up for Wednesday but due to a bad rainstorm the manager (I never got her name but she was very nice!) made and exception and let them take us on Thursday! My husband and I and our friends that came with us were the only ones that went so it was almost like a private tour! Richard showed us all types of sea life we didn't see during the day. We saw a sea snake, lobsters, and my favorite the Boston Starfish! They are beautiful! We even got to hold different types of urchins and a Puffer fish! It was great and completely worth the extra cost!

    Sorry for being long winded but everything was so great I feel like I have to elaborate on it! LOL! CSA is our new home away from home!

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    we are planning on doing the night snorkel trip too. is it worth it to get a waterproof camera? or not allowed?

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    Glad you enjoyed the joint!... any chance we'll see any of your amazing photos from your stay?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Post a picture of yourself. I'm curious if we met you there or not.
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    thanks for the great review.. we are going Saturday for 8 nights, cant wait....

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    Marykay- I'm sure it would be allowed. I took my point and shoot with an underwater housing during the day and got some great shots! I didn't bring it on the night snorkel. I don't think the on camera flash would be adequate at night.
    Here we are Sublimebrad...

    Here are a few of my favorites from the week...

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    And a few more...

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    nice review
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    Don't recognize you. Guess we didn't cross paths.
    "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain" - Bob Marley

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    Like you said... Ahhhhh, SweptAway... thanks for the pics!!!!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thank you for the amazing review! We are going in Nov and have booked the atrium suite! Sooo excited now after reading about your experience!

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    Cool. I have a photo of that boat in front of SeaGrapes as my computer wallpaper.
    I thought the Martini Bar closed at 11pm?

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    what is that last drink? looks like a bob marley but bigger??

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    Fantastic review and beautiful pictures! I'm SOOO excited, but have 11.5 months to go!

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    marykay... its a big BobMarley... normally, they have trouble keeping some of the bars in the right size Bob glasses... THIS can be DANGEROUS!!! (LOL)

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Marykay- I'm not sure what it was exactly. I had it at Ricks, paid out the butt for it and it wasn't nearly as good as the free drinks at Couples! LOL! It had Rum, coconut rum, Pineapple juice, and just enough grenadine and blue curacao to give it some color. Trust me it was way prettier than it tasted and once you mixed it up it looked like swamp water! LOL!

    Zaraforty- I asked my husband about the Martini bar (Things were a little cloudy that night for me remember? LOL!) and he said we were there after it closed playing pool (... umm... ok sounds sort of familiar...) but they were open past 11 for sure. It was pretty busy when we were there and everyone was having a blast (apparently I salsa danced with one of the bartenders... this doesn't sound familiar) so maybe thats why they stayed open later? Anyway I had fun! LOL!

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