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    Default Which has the best food?

    I know all of the resorts have something for everyone. I'm just curious about what those of you who have been lucky enough to visit more than one have to say about the food. In my opinion, the "reservation required restaurants" at csa was superior to cn, but cn definitely won for best buffet. I am thinking about booking a trip to cti. I want to see the other side, but am truly torn. The food will be the deal breaker. My fiancé and I both work in fine dining restaurants, so we really appreciate it when someone serves us delicious food!
    We adored lemongrass, and I really love feathers. Cn had lychee which was great. Help!
    What do you think?

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    We haven't been to the Negril resorts, but say that CTi's food is truly amazing. Now have I had things I didn't like, by all means. But the nice thing is I was able to get something I did like. For dinner, you have the choice of the gourmet restaurant--8 Rivers, Caribbean fare at the Verandah, Asian/Thai cuisine at the Bayside (which by the way is out over the water, very small and very romantic) and then the Patio which has the buffet. We have known people to get a few courses at the sit down and then go to the buffet. Then don't forget the Pool Grill for before dinner snack and late night munchies and the veggie bar on the beach for sweet potato chips and hummus with smoothies and other great foods. Also hidden in the spa is a juice/smoothie bar. One thing for sure, you don't go hungry.

    After mid August, they will also offer full room service at CTI. They also have a Monday night Beach Party and either a Friday or Saturday poolside gala, which is a buffet.
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    We liked CSS best because they only have buffets on the beach party night and the Gala night otherwise it was a la carte. CTI has a buffet every night and two of the 4 restaurants required reservations. We don't like to have to plan our meals out days in advance so we ended up eating at the buffet a lot. The Verandah restaurant always had a long wait and we were too hungry to wait.

    We really enjoyed CSS and the atmosphere at all of the restaurants. Wish they had an Asian flare restaurant. Our very favorite Couples restaurant is Lychee.

    The food is great at all of the restaurants.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks. I know it may seem silly to some, but food is my passion. This is one of the main reasons I fell in love with couples.
    Perhaps we will save a few $ and do secret rendezvous.

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    I am a very picky eater...My friends poke fun at me about my bad eating habits.
    I had my very best food last week at CSS...Every meal was outstanding.


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    We've been to CN, CSS and CTI - by far the best food is at CN. Otaheite is a 5-star dining experience. CTI doesn't compare and CSS is good, but not as good as CN. The other restaurants are good also, but Otaheite surpasses all the others.

    Even the pastries and desserts at CN seem to be far superior to us. The chef told us once about the challenge of creating the pastries in such a humid climate - more difficult than in the states. He was really nice to talk with.

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    Default CTI has to be hard to beat, esp. this year.

    I don't have comparisons, but CTI has always had very good food. This year the food was better than ever. I hear they have a new Corporate Chef and new chef at CTI, too. We were blown away. Tip: Order the plantain tart at the Verandah. Now THAT was a surprise -- I won't give it away.

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    Oh, I just don't know what to do. We have decided to book rather than sr, and want to try ochos rios, so now it's a matter of cti vs css.

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    Food at CSS is awesome plus we got to sit on the beach at night under the full moon and have dinner, it was at the beach bar not the private dinner. CN was fantastic as well. As a Chef i found the food to be pretty darn outstanding at both resorts so I am guessing you just can't go wrong.

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    We've been to CSA, CTI and CSS. CN is the only one (yet) that we can't compare to. I found the food very comparable and delicious at all 3. I am really thinking here if I had to pick one over the other for food... and I can't do it. We certainly had meals we preffered over others, but that is normal anywhere, just not at one resort entirely over another.
    For me another big factor is atmosphere. I loved the atmosphere of Bayside (CTI) over the water, but slightly preferred Lemon Grass (CSA) for the dishes offered. I'm not huge on the indoor dining atmosphere, but really enjoyed the food at 8 Rivers (CTI), Verandah (CTI), Cassanova (CSS), and Feathers (CSA), although slightly less. I liked that CTI had the extra option, and that at Cassanova you could sit outdoors on the patio. Indoors has the piano player, which was a nice touch.
    We loved the NY Eve gala at CTI, but also the beach party and gala at CSS. The food was excellent for being bufet style. Same for the CSA beach party.
    I loved Sea Grapes (CSA) for lunch, as well as Bella Vista (CSS) for both lunch and dinner. Being right on the beach is fabulous. CTI's grill atmosphere is a bit fast food-ish. We would get our food and sit elsewhere.
    So there you go... scattered. I wouldn't NOT go to CTI or CSS for worry of the food. Even though we haven't been to CN, I really think Couples has the same high standards at all their resorts.

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    Thanks everyone. We will be booking for cti. Like so many have said, go to the one that is calling to you. Now, let's hope the weather in mid January is nice

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    CN was the best with CSS a close second. CTI was poor in comparison, but we were only there for two days. Although the CTI anniversary party was excellent, an equal with CNs everyday food), Only had a lunch at CSA and it was Mexican day which was very bad.
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    For us... CTI is by far our favorite. Last fall, while on our trip at CSS, we went over to CTI for the day and ate at the buffet for lunch, the pool grill in the afternoon and a stop at the veggie bar for sweet potato chips. We are now booked at CTI for our 3rd visit in July and are looking forward to eatting our way through the few days we are there!!! The food at CSS was OK - just not the atmosphere we like.

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    My only thought here is.... Swept Away has something that none of the others has and that is an a la carte breakfast option. Because of this, they can do dishes that just dont work on a buffet. Eggs benedict with smoked marlin and banana stuffed french toast to name a couple. I know they tried to do eggs benedict at Tower Isle but it is just not as good when it has been sitting. The yolks go hard and the hollandaise sauce gets thick. The breakfast pizza at CSA was to die for too and I havent seen it at any of the other resorts.

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    We have visited both CN and CTI and found the food at CN to be far superior to CTI.
    We loved the food at CN , at CTI it was just OK. This of course is just our opinion. I am sure whichever you choose you will love.

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    The food is comparable and very good at all BUT the Starlight Gala at CSS is unreal and I've had several "the best I ever had" items there!!!
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    madtown mom,
    Obviously, you see that we love CN the best. We've been to CTI & CSS too, never to CSA though. CSA has more restaurants than the others. We don't like CSS because 2 of the 3 restaurants are reservation only, which I don't like. I'd rather not have to plan my dinner the day or a few days before. I mean, what if I change my mind? I love the food, the variety, the staff, the resort at CN best.

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    madtown mom,
    I see you have booked CTI. You will not be disappointed. We too appreciate food! We have been to all four resorts, with the most recently CTI. I was VERY surprised how good the food was. Even at the buffet! (We only did breakfast and lunch there) If you like asian/Thai food, be sure to book Bayside early in case you want to go twice! I had to have the Fish Curry again, so we went there twice. Red snapper, squid, shrimp, and scallops steamed in a banana leaf bundle, served with red curry sauce-it was to die for!
    ALSO, do NOT miss eating at the Verandah-Carribean cuisine at it's finest. This is a very close running for my favorite restaurant there. As we say at home, "There's a reason people wait to eat here". Get there early, or put your name down and head to the piano bar for a drink. We liked to get a drink and sit on the lobby balcony and listen to the sea.
    Don't forget 8-Rivers too. Fine dining for sure. We had it twice also. Once for the repeaters dinner-surf and turf; also, on Lobster night. It was delicious as well. As good as it was, I would still put it third on my list!
    Have fun! You will not leave hungry!

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