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    Default credit and sunset question

    of course i can't just post all questions in one post but in several so i'm sorry. we get a 100 resort credit. we are debating on using it on the private dinner or in the gift shop. if we use it in the gift shop, can it be used on alcohol to be brought back to florida? we did the private dinner at CTI 4 years ago on our last night and loved it. not sure if it is worth the cost but we'll see. we talked about doing a private dinner "craig and mk style" by getting burgers, fries, and red stripe and just finding a place alone at sunset. lol

    i also want to get a few good sunset shots. there are two places in our house that we want to enlarge *HUGE* prints and frame and i would lvoe to get good sunset shots. crazy colors, etc. any suggestions?? when we went to CTI the sunsets were amazing but similar to the beach shots i get here in fl.

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    Yes you can buy booze.

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    Anything in the gift shop is open to purchase and bring home. (Except Cuban Cigars if from the USA)
    Irie Mon

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