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    Default 24 days!! drink suggestions?

    we went to CTI 4 years ago for our honeymoon and are going to CN in 24 days! already starting to get sunscreen, swimsuits, etc ready. anyway i want to make a list of drinks to try. i remember someone posting about one that tasted like a yoo hoo?? anyway, i want to start a list :-)

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    On our first trip to Couples, I discovered absolute and Ting! Ting is a grapefruit based drink unique to Jamaica. You can find it in the states but seems to taste different. Unbelievable drink. Would drink it exclusively except it is loaded with calories, so I keep it to about 5 a day!

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    You can always try a different color drink each day - so one day, all red, next orange, yellow, etc. If you don't like the drink you got, get another...

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    Default Drinks at Couples!

    Try these!

    Shots- Bob Marley & Monkey Brain

    Drinks - Cosmos, Miami Vice, Hummingbird & Dirty Banana.

    I suggest adding a shot Baileys to the dirty banana!

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    I can't wait to see some of these. We were there too long ago and are returning this summer.
    I remember a rum drink with a hint of banana and/or coconut. My wife took to calling it a dirty monkey but I know that is a different drink.

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    My favourite was the Flirtini. It had vodka, pineapple juice and topped with champagne.
    Also like the dirty banana, Jamaican smile and rum punch.
    Whatever drink you choose you should be happy - you'll be in paradise!
    Enjoy your vacation!

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