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    Default CSA --- technology help!

    On past trips to CSA I left my laptop at home and checked email in the computer room at CSA. I am an avid reader with eye conditions that require me to read large print books. Due to the size and weight of these bookzs I have purchased a Nook color ereader, in addition I also use iPad 1 & 2. Will the Nook work in the daytime?--on the beach?
    What about iPad? Anything special I need to do before coming to allow wifi connection? My service is with Verizon.
    6 weeks,,,,,,

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    Wifi has been upgraded since 2009 and it worked on my iPhone all over the resort. Be sure to tell them at check in to get a password.
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    When you check in tell them you want to use a wifi connection and they will give you a password to log on. Pretty easy. I don't believe your Verizon service will be available, so no 3g connection. Wifi is available all over the property, but the connections we have had were not the fastest so video streaming may be spotty at best.

    They advertise that Nook's and iPads are very visible in bright daylight, so you should be good to go, though you may want to use them in a shady spot, which is not hard to find.

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    Thanks for the info! Now to download more reading material!! Love not having to plan on packing large print books to lug onto the plane for my reading does my hubby! Countdown is on.....

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    I find the LCD screens on the ipad and color nook to be a bit of a challenge to use in outdoor daylight but a shady spot should suffice. Be sure to disable the phone connection before leaving! I doubt they would connect to an island carrier like a cell phone but it would suck to get that bill!

    Personally I would just load up on books before you go and stay disconnected. For me at least part of the charm of couples is leaving home behind. We will have to check e-mail periodically while we are there for work and because our house is on the market, but if I catch my wife surfing celeb sites while on the beach the ipad is going into the ocean! :P

    Just kidding sweetie, but I will make you get me a red stripe :P

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    I would turn off the Verizon data, very costly, and use the wifi only. Go enjoy!!
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