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    Default Romance Rewards points expiring??!!

    So we finally made it to the passionate rewards catagory. Four trips to CSS and our 5th trip planned for 4/2012.
    ....Only to find out the we will only be at the passionate level while we are NOT THERE!!

    Yes, just in time for our 5th trip to CSS, we will loose 7 nights credit, and get pushed back down to renewed love levels.

    So the way I see it, every time we plan on returning to CSS, we will loose the 7 nights we earned a month or so BEFORE WE RETURN....unless of course you constantly bump up your travel plans a month each year to stay AHEAD OF loosing romance rewards points.

    I have to say, I don't know if I can keep up with this. We love CSS and all of the great employees/friends we met over the years, but this seems more like "you have to" return to Couples every year for 4 years in a row to now earn a free Couples massage......instead of "welcome home again", here is your free Couples massage for being a repeat guest!

    Rules are rules, and Couples rules state your nightly credits expire after 4 years. Just remember that when you visit Couples 3 years in a row, and then skip a year, or travel to Couples every 2 years. As many times as you return, you may never reach the top level. ...Just venting I guess....Nothing a Bob Marley won't fix!

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    Really?? I don't think I like the idea of my reward points expiring. Matter of fact I wouldn't like it at all! Why on earth would Couples even consider this? Points should NEVER expire like they are roll over minutes from a cell phone plan. You Reward returning guest with gifts and warm hearted guestures when they return; that's how you help win us over in the first place.

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    that's sour
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    ...they don't have to give us anything...

    Relax; enjoy.

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    No Problem Mon

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    I guess I dont understand, the rewards are a nice perk but not why we are coming back. Sorry you feel like your lossing something but in the scheme of things the fact that you/we get to travel to such a wonderful place like Couples/Jamaica puts us so far ahead of the game, not getting a free massage is really no big deal.

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    Mikesue ~ You don't quite understand the rules. You only loose your nights if you have not visited after 4 years. You will still be on the top level because you have visited within 4 years. Not really sure how to explain it. I guess it is best explained by saying the nights don't 'roll off', you only lose the nights if you don't stay within 4 years of your last visit. Does that make sense?
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    That's not my understanding of the guidelines... I think that as long as you have activity within a four year period, you retain what you have earned re the Romance Rewards level. If is only when your account has been dormant for the 4 year period (actually thought it was 5 years). Certainly hope so, or it will be as I think you mikesue indicate a very frustrating and elusive process. Maybe the wording on the Romance Rewards page needs to be reworded to remove any mis-understandings.

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    This is not the first time I've seen the rr misunderstood. That way it's explained should be reworded. I love the old rewards and the new.thanks couples! I just moved up one level!

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    Default Update!

    Hi everyone,
    Before I posted the above message, I was in contact with the Romance Rewards team.

    I do not think the points expiring AFTER 4 YEARS OF IN-ACTIVITY is correct. I think it is on a rolling scale, therefore, your 7 nights from 3 years ago will expire if you do not return before the start of your 4th year.

    The way I see it, you need to travel to Couples every year (7 nights/yr) 28 nights/4 yrs in order to MAINTAIN the passionate level.

    Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

    As far as the comment of "they don't have to give you anything".....that is very true. The purpose of REWARDS is to "make you" want to return. Would I still return to CSS, probably, but if your rewards points from 4 yrs ago just expired, and you were a month away from 24+days, what incentive does that give you to return......We don't care about loosing the couples massage or a few dollars, but come on, returning every year or two, and bumping you back down a level when you are weeks away from returning. Like I said, you will need to bump up your return to Couples every year by a month just to maintain your level.

    4 years of in-activity is another thing. If someone hasn't returned to Couples in/after 4 years, ok maybe they can take your points away, but to travel to Couples every year or every other year, and still loose them?

    Again, nothing a Bob Marley won't fix!...and again, please someone correct me if I am wrong. Thanks!

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    Default Romance Rewards expiration

    Maybe Randymon needs to clarify the rules?

    From the Romance Rewards Page it states: "Nights Stayed are cumulative. No benefits are earned on complimentary stays or Industry Discounted Rates. Nights expire 4 years after they are earned."

    The way it was explained when the changes were made - points that you earn would expire 4 years after they were earned. Example: you earned 7 points in Jan. 2008, 7 in Jan. 2009, 7 in Jan. 2010 1nd 7 in Jan. 2011 to be at the passionate level for your 7 night stay in Jan. 2012. After Jan. 2012 your 2008 points would expire but you would have earned 7 more from Jan. 2012. So if you are a yearly repeater you will stay at the top level.
    YES you could go down a category if you stay fewer nights per year or you skip a year or two but you will still be invited to the repeater's dinner and can do a Trading Places day.
    Remember that most resort chains do not offer repeat perks like Couples such as resort credits and free massages.

    Randymon - correct me if I'm wrong

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    Here is a cut and paste from the original thread about this. You might want to read that thread:

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    Melody, we called the toll-free no. & asked the rewards concierge service to clarify this issue. She told us that nights expire 4 years after they are posted to your account. If you stay in April 2011 and points are posted to your account on May 1, 2011, those points will expire May 1, 2015. You do NOT keep those points because you return for visits in 2012, 2013, etc.
    For example, points credited to our account in 7/2008 will expire in 7/2012. Our last trip was 2/2011 and posted to our account on 3/4/2011. Those points will expire on 3/4/2015.
    Sharie was very helpful. I would certainly recommend calling if you want more information.

    March 31st, 2011 05:42 AM #166 randymon
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    Sharie's conversation with Randon is an accurate interpretation of the terms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    Mikesue ~ You don't quite understand the rules. You only loose your nights if you have not visited after 4 years. You will still be on the top level because you have visited within 4 years. Not really sure how to explain it. I guess it is best explained by saying the nights don't 'roll off', you only lose the nights if you don't stay within 4 years of your last visit. Does that make sense?
    That's how it used to be but Randy clarified in a different thread and they do expire no matter how often you stay.

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    Oh boo, that's not how I thought it was. Boo boo boo
    ah, oh well. Still can't wait to come home!

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    I think EVERYONE is confused about the point system. The reality is that, outside of a couple of little return perks, such as the t-shirts, champagne or chocolates, and a little bit of resort spending credit, you really don't get anything but return status. Nothing accrues. They are "rolling points" for those of us who try to keep a return home on our calendar every year or two.

    Now for those who may not return but every 4 or 5 years, it may be a bigger deal... but in the scheme of things, its really not of much consequence.

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