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    Default Renewal of Vows for our 5th Anniversary

    So, we are thinking of renewing of vows at Couples in September 2012 for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. We have been to Couples Negril twice and loved it, but we wanted to try Ocho Rios this time around. Which resort is best there, CSS or CTI? Or should we just stick with CN. I did notice that not all rooms at CTI have a mini bar in them, which I could care less about but my husband seems to like that. No matter which resort we pick, I know we will not be disappointed. Has anyone been married or renewed their vows at couples? Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.

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    Three years ago my wife and I renewed our vows on our 20th anniversary at CSS. We had planned to do it at CTI but it was closed for renovations at the time. We were all set to be dissapointed because our hearts are in CTI. This year will be our 13th trip. However I am happy to say that the staff at CSS was incredible. Our renewal was incredible, the wedding coordinators were awesome and the whole thing turned out better than we ever imagined. We did take our renewal clothes the following year to CTI for some pictures though. You are correct that not all rooms at CTI have mini bars and the same is true for
    CSS. However if you can get past that then I would highly recommend CTI.

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    Default Couples Sans Souci was our choice

    Wife and I had our 30 year renewal in October. I can not really compare resorts, seeing how we have only been to Sans Souci.

    Selecting which resorts is tough. Just research them both and make a decision. What I came to find out is that Sans Souci is more tropical. And we both thought it was the most romantic place we had ever been. To us, it was literally "Heaven on Earth". We stayed in a Beachfront Suite. You are close to most things and there is a Jacuzzi in every suite.. Every suite had a mini bar that was stocked daily, plus room service was available at most hours

    By all means, renew your Vows. It was such a wonderful experience. Wife expressed to me that she was more nervous than the day we got married. Plus the entire staff treat you like royalty. Make sure you get lots and lots of pictures.

    In closing, our trip to Sans Souci by far exceeded our expectations. Most of those feelings came about because I was with my lovely bride of 30 years at one of the most beautiful spots on this planet

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    Default Renewal

    We renewed our wedding vows last year at CTI, it was just as good as when we got married 5yrs ago at CSA, it was a beautiful day and you get a choice of where you want to do your vows, we choose the gardens, there are lots of different options which the wedding planner will go through with you, what ever you choose you will get spoilt....xx

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    We renewed our vows last October at CN and it was wonderful. We chose the Sunset package and got some great photos as we had a beautiful sunset that day. The other thing we liked about it is that we didn't have to change our clothes and we went and had dinner at Otaheite which was set up for us in advance. We were able to just flow into the rest of the evening.

    We really enjoyed it and had a great trip!


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    Default CN Vow Renewal

    We renewed our vows at CN on Valentines day 2008 to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. We loved that our "Couples Family" was able to made it much more special. Plus we got to use FOSTER as our photographer, he is the best photographer at CN! Wherever you choose will be special.
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