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    Default surgery and thinking of Jamaica

    So what so surgery and Jamaica have in common, you ask? Well, I went in for surgery on Wed. As they were putting the mask over my face and I started to feel claustrophobic and anxious. My surgeon asked me where my favorite place was. That was easy... "Jamaica". I instantly relaxed as I thought about Couples. "How many times have you been?" she asked. "Three times", I replied. "We were maried there." "Very nice! What do you love about it?" ..."The beaches, the people..." "What's your favourite food?" "hmm.. Jerk chicken"... Somewhere in the distance I heard the assisting nurse say "mmm... jerk chicken..." ...and that was all I remember until I woke up.... still feeling all relaxed, mon. lol.
    So if you have to go under, isn't thinking about Jamaica and being at Couples better than counting backwards from 100?!!!

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    Jamaica is my happy place when at the dentist.

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    I go to my "happy place" when I get my blood pressure taken. Of course my "happy place" is a CTI!

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    I have a picture of the Barry's Bar Tree as my screensaver on my laptop that I use at my nurse's station. When people ask "where is that", I say "my happy place" Some people say a dead tree??? I say you have to see it to get it

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    Like it

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    ooohh i'll think of that next time i have blood drawn!!

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    Hope all is well with you now, and that you recover quickly!

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    It's good to have a "happy place", and where better than Jamaica?
    grayturtles - I am actually doing really, thanks... resting a lot... and surfing the net, thinking of Jamaica.
    Trying to convince DH that laying on the beach would be a good way to recover. lol

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    My wife has a pic of Tower Island up on her wall to help folks relax. A few have recognized it!

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