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    Default Jacket required at ANY CSS restaurants?

    PLEASE tell me I don't need to pack one...long pants are bad enough!

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    no jacket needed at css. I'd shoot myself if I had to get that dressed up while on holiday

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    No jacket!! Not even long sleeves. A nice button up short sleeve is fine. Even a nice polo will work.

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    Jackets are no longer required at any of the restaurants at CSS. Leave the jacket at home.
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    No, no, no. Many, many years ago, Casanova required jackets for men, but not since Couples acquired the property.

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    None of the restaurants at any of the couples resorts require jackets -- thank goodness. However, we do want to look nice as our spouses are always dressed to kill -- very special times.

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    I have always wanted to wear one at Cassanova
    The place has that James Bond vibe the Bond movies it is never 85degees and really humid

    So no jacket

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    Along the lines of what Jed/John said, I remember being at the Sans Saouci back in the '80s with my mother, long before it was a Couples resort. None of the area around the main beach had been developed, and what is now Cassanova was the only restaurant. The men always arrived to dinner looking very dapper and James Bond-ish and quickly became very wrinkled and disheveled (especially the poor saps who were presumably talked into eating outside).

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    The a/c is a nice break, so ladies, you might want to consider a light sweater to cover your shoulders if you get too chilly.

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