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    Default I tink I'm crazy!

    We are going to CTI (my love & heart) the end of June 2011 for 12 days and last week we booked for 2012 already! We will be doing a split in 2012, 5 days at CSA (the only Couples resort that we haven't been to yet) and then 7 days at CTI. So am I crazy or what!

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    A little jealous that you get 12 days, but your not crazy or alone. Our vacation is in 10 days and we have our 2012 vacation book with the love away plan.

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    No, I don't think you're crazy. Have fun at both and now you can say you've been to all four and you'll be better equipped to answer the many questions concerning all the differences at each of the resorts. Good for you!

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    We thought we would try CSA as long as we went to our beloved CTI also. We were married at CTI (COR) 10 years ago in a few weeks so we will celebrate when we get to CTI. Also, I posted wrong we go for 12 NIGHTS 13 days. It's countdown time with 27 more days to CTI, can't wait to see our friends from England, the staff, etc. Were coming home!

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