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    Default CN Honeymoon 5/16-5/21 Review

    I really enjoyed reading these reviews while I was anticipating our first trip to Couples, so I hope this is helpful and enjoyable for others!

    - My new husband and I loved CN from the moment we arrived. The cool towels and champagne at check-in made for a pleasant check-in. We arrived around noon and were delighted to learn that our room was ready. We were taken to our 3rd floor Gardenview Suite in Building 9 and we couldn't have asked for a better room! The suite was AMAZING and so worth it for our honeymoon. The huge balcony and hammock were very enjoyable, as was the gigantic bathroom, and the view was spectacular! We would have gone for a Beachfront Suite if it wasn't sold out, but in the end this room was perfect for us and I'd book it again in a heartbeat! I loved having a view of the ocean yet also having some greenery around us. Before booking our trip, I read a lot of reviews in which people said they didn't spend much time in their room so the normal room was fine, but being our honeymoon we enjoyed a lot of alone time (wink wink) and being Northerners we needed some relief from the sun and heat, so we really appreciated having such a glamorous and luxurious room to spend time in. There was some noise from the street but we are from Philly so it didn't bother us in the least.

    - In general, the food on the resort was stellar, from the beef patties and nachos at the beach grill to the filet mignon at Otaheite. Even the pastries for breakfast room service were memorable! I consider myself a foodie, and my husband is a chef, and we were both raving about the food all week long. As he said, it was evident that a lot of love and care was put into the preparation of all the food. The only con was that we both came back 5-10 lbs heavier!

    - The resort staff was fantastic. Nearly every person we encountered was friendly and always said hello and asked how we were. The entertainment staff were very very personable, welcoming and fun to be around. Even the gardeners and housekeeper were super friendly!

    - The beach is gorgeous. We've never been to such a relaxing beach, complete with plenty of shade trees, loungers and hammocks. We never had the slightest issue finding a good spot to sit in, which has been a common issue at any other beach/pool setting that I can recall.

    - The catamaran cruise was awesome. When we were lining up to wade to the boat, we were very skeptical about how all these people were going to fit onto the boat comfortably, but it was for nothing as it was very roomy and we had an awesome seat along the netting in the front. The only suggestion I would make is to not go hungry, or if so, bring some beef lasted into the evening and we got quite hungry while we were anchored by the cliffs.

    - We also experienced the lingering smoke from nearby burning that someone else mentioned as it seemed to be happening close to our side of the resort, but it didn't bother us since we like to camp and it reminded us of campfire-smell.

    - Speaking of aromas, the ONLY constructive criticism I have is about the smell that wafted from the bar areas. I *think* it was the aroma of over-ripe fruit which is understandable considering all the pineapple etc that they have on hand. I might be more sensitive to smells as my husband didn't mention it, but it did deter me a bit from sitting around the bar areas. However, never having been to a tropical resort before, it might just be a commonplace thing that I wasn't used to. It definitely wouldn't keep us from returning, not for a second, and it didn't detract from our experience at all as it was really isolated to close to the bar areas.

    - The dinner experience at Otaheite was very memorable. We made our reservation on the day we checked in so we wouldn't forget, and it was fun to get all dolled up and feel like we were going on a special date. From the photographs and champagne while you wait, to the intimate tables, it felt like we were at our favorite "special occasion fancy restaurant" in Philly. Having to make a reservation and comply with the dress code was very worth it for the experience.

    - Overall, our trip was very laid back and relaxed which was perfect for us to unwind after a year of wedding planning. Aside from the catamaran, we did the glass bottom boat ride, but we otherwise enjoyed leisurely days of little more than sunning, swimming, reading, beach and pool volleyball, ping pong, and eating and drinking of course!

    I know that CN will have a special place in our hearts forever as it was our first time at an AI resort, first time together in the Caribbean, first time in Jamaica, and we definitely have intentions of returning! I have no doubt that the other Couples resorts are just as fantastic after experiencing the level of service and comfort they provide, and I'm eager to explore them all! Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Rastadelphian and congratulations! Thank you so much for the review. What a wonderful way to start your marriage.

    We, too, are going to CN in June, our first time at an AI and first time together in Jamaica. We're looking to do the same sort of activities, so glad to hear you enjoyed them. Have been debating on making resies for Otaheithe, so great info there. We can not wait! Thanks again!

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    Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for the great review! It made me even more excited for the trip I'm surprising my husband with...CN June 18th_26th with a vow renewal. So glad you had such an awesome time and now I'm really counting the minutes

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    Jamaica is great isn't it? I am so glad you had such a wonderful honeymoon, and I love your enthieuasium. Thanks for sharing.

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    YAY! I want to say Thanks for this awesome review also!! Me and the future hubby are going on our Honeymoon in October to CN...and just like you, first time at an AI, first time in the Caribbean and first time in Jamaica. I thought I was excited before, but then I read your review and now I am even MORE excited! We were also wondering if the reservations for Otaheite were worth it, now we will DEFINITELY be making time for it in our special vacation.

    Thanks again!

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    Our first AI, first time in the Caribbean and first time to Jamaica were to CN as well, in November of 2009. We will be going back in November of 2011 for our third trip. CN is a great place for firsts and makes such a wonderful impression. Trust me, it is even better the second (and I'm sure third) time as well. After the first time, I didn't think it could live up to it again, but it did, and exceeded. What a wonderful way to start a paradise! Congratulations and I wish you many, many years of happiness together.

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    Nice review. We went to CN last February. The wife cried when we were leaving. We have reservations for next February at CN. Already counting the days.

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