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    Default does it always show rain?

    I have noticed a few post about people worrying about the weather in Jamaica, so I started checking out the weather myself. We personally aren't worried about the weather, rain or shine we will have a blast and find “something” to do But I have noticed that EVERY day the weather underground shows a chance for some kind of rain. Last year when we went the weather underground also showed a chance of rain everyday and we got a few short showers every day. So now I am wondering has anyone every seen a forecast that doesn’t call for rain of some kind? LOL
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    No always the same forecast - guessing it is cut and paste.


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    it rained every day were at css, usually early in the morning, i'm talking 4:00-5:00am early. or if it did rain during the day it was only a for a little while. never bothered us

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    This is true. Rain is likely every day...but that doesn't mean it's going to rain all day, every day. Just a little here and there...enough to cool things off! No worries!

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    No worries, mon !!! Yes it rains almost every afternoon, but usually only for about 10-15 minutes if that long. What's funny is watching people run out of the WATER to seek shelter from the RAIN .....
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    Never.... the forecast is always for a chance of rain... but the forecast is always for a chance of sunshine, too. That's how you get a tropical paradise.

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    A good site to go to daily is the actual Jamaican forecast.
    Local weather.

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    Yes, it always shows a chance of rain every day pretty much. It's the tropics. When it DOES rain, it's usually just a 45 min light shower and actually cools things down a bit, and is welcome. But for every 30% chance of rain, there is the 70% chance it won't rain. Every time we go it always shows the whole week of rain, and we hardly get 3 days where it rains, and that's just the light quick shower I mentioned above. No worries.

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    I knew it, the forcast for Jamaica always calls for some kind of rain, lol. We aren't worried, living in the desert for years now we cant wait to feel some of that liquid sunshine. 10days

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    Wife and I were at CSS in October. It rained 1 morning for about 2 hours. My Brother just returned this week from Negril. He said it rained 1 day for about 3 hours.
    I believe it rains many days up in the mountains, but you never see it by the Sea

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    We just got back from CSS last Saturday and sadly it rained EVERY afternoon. However, that didn't stop the fun and as the staff told us, it was NOT normal for it to rain as much as it did while we were there. Hoping next year it rains a little less.

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    It will rain. Sometimes you hit a bad spell, as Tdleitch did (and as we have in the past), where it rains more, but it will rain. Normally, t's a 15- to 30-minute shower in the afternoon, and that's what makes things green. But the weather reports don't help. Don't stress. It's warm, you're on vacation, the company is good, the accomodations are fantastic, and everything is irie. If one were to base a vacation on a weather report, wouldn't we all be booking on EK?

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    We are going Saturday for 8 days,, I have been watching the forecast for Jamaica.... They say there is a trough that is stuck in a pattern for the entire area...So rain and clouds are looking favorable while we are there, BUT we are going not going to let it spoil our vacation..... I would much rather be at CSA watching it rain than Chattanooga, Tn.... Haha....

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