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    My husband and I are planning a trip to Jamaica very soon. However, we want luxury rooms like what is seen on the website at Couples Swept Away. Are the rooms really as beautiful and well-maintained as the pictures on the website show? Or are they worn?

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    Yes, the pictures are for real. The rooms are kept impeccably clean. They don't have marble vanities and chandeliers but they are very comfortable. Its the people, the food and the service that make Couples so special.

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    First off...please do not go to CSA excepting luxury rooms like a five-star hotel in the USA. You will undoubtedly be disappointed. The rooms are definitely as pictured in the photos however, they are not what I would consider luxurious. They are comfortable, clean, as well kept as can be in very humid tropical conditions and more than adequate. Think Hampton Inn as opposed to Four Seasons.

    You should, however, go to CSA for the beach. It is spectacular. You should also go to CSA for ambiance of the resort and the inclusions. You will find nothing comparable. You should go to CSA for any other number of reason...the wonderful staff, the beautiful grounds, the sports complex. But please, don't go for the luxury of the rooms and let your disappointment there cloud your impression of the rest of the trip.

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    We have not yet stayed at CSA, but have been to CN. The rooms looked exactly like those shown on the website. No surprises - no worries!

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    We are travelling to CSA for the first time next week. From all of the reviews I've read (particularly on tripadvisor), I expect the rooms to be a little worn but clean and comfortable. I definitely do not expect (or desire) luxury rooms.

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