Getting ready to leave for CSA next week and have a question about inexpensive ways to send/receive calls from home in case of emergency. We have Verizon cell phones and when I called today to see about rates, they told me $1.99/minute for the phone in Jamaica and $1.69 for the phone in the US...nearly $4 per minute for a cell to cell call!!!

Seen where someone mentioned getting a calling card when you get down there, but I couldn't find any of the details. Can you get them at the resort and how does it work? We've already got an AT&T calling card from Sam's Club we use currently at home...will that work or do you need a calling card from there?

Wife has an Ipod she was thinking about using down there to send and receive emails also, will it work for that? She also has a Apple mac book pro, but didn't know about taking it through security at the airport and on the plane?