I discovered Couples as I was researching Jamaican all-inclusive hotels and am totally hooked! My husband and I are planning on visiting in either July or August of 2012. I know I still have plenty of time before I have to decide... but I just don't know which Couples to pick!

We're in our mid 20s, but we're definitely not looking for a crazy party scene. Neither of us drinks much... I'm really interested in the "craft" type of activities and am really looking forward to buying authentic handmade Jamaican crafts and such. I also am a fitness instructor and would love to be able to take some classes while we're on vacation. Basically, I'm really interested in lots of activities, especially those that involve shopping! All my husband wants to do is relax and drink smoothies. He also is a huge music guy and is looking forward to the live groups. Neither of us are huge "foodies" --we're happy with the basics but we're not picky and will probably be happy with any type of food... as long as it's plentiful We'd also like to have a great view from our room with a balcony or veranda. My husband will also need a TV and wireless internet (but all the resorts have wireless, right?)

It's going to take us all year to save for this trip, so I doubt we'll be able to go back any time soon, or maybe ever... so does anyone have any suggestions for the best Couples for a first, and possibly, only time traveler?