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    Default Women's Bikini Bottoms Optional in Future at CSS SSB?

    We understand that we don't make the rules but we would prefer that women's bottoms be optional on the AN beach at CSS. My wife was wearing a tampon during our stay at CSS and because of that tampon she was unwilling to remove her bottoms while we were on the AN beach at CSS. We were completely AN except for her tiny bikini bottoms yet she was (kindly & politely) asked to either remove her bottoms or leave the AN beach by the female beach attendant. We left the AN beach, did not return and may not return for future trips to CSS due to the possibility of again falling victim to that rule. After numerous trips to AN beaches (St. Maarten, FL, CA etc.) we don't understand the logic behind this rule. While we really like CSS and we fully support the AN (vs. clothing optional) rule to prevent gawking, we would prefer a topless woman and a nude man be allowed on the CSS AN beach. We read the links about cutting tampon strings short, etc., but we were wondering if anyone else shares the same opinion and would like to see a small change in the rules.

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    TOTALLY disagree with HvgFubToo. Keep AN, AN

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    I would prefer All Nude to be ALL Nude. Plan your vacation better or take other peoples advise about that time of the month. I don't think the people that would prefer all nude should have to put out because of your wifes period.

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    Oh, this will be a fun thread to read all the responses! We would prefer not to see this change made to SSB. Don't know about Fl, CA, etc, but St. Maarten is CO, and we would not be comfortable there - we like SSB just the way it is!

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    First of all, rules are rules. Why does everyone want to break them or change them? If you want a clothing optional resort, I'm sure there are plenty out there! However, the rules are clearly stated on Couples website. And they are clearly stated again on the signs as you approach the AN areas. How could either of you have missed these clear indications that clothing optional was not the deal?

    The logic behind the rule is that if you allow "clothing optional" you will have people come over who have no intention of being nude, but are only there to get a cheap thrill by looking at everyone else. While I realize this was not your wife's intention, still it is offensive to those of us who bare it all, to see someone walking around still half dressed, whatever the reason. The beauty in everyone being nude is that it is a great equalizer.

    At the risk of being offensive, there are MANY solutions to a woman's time of the month. Cut the tampon string, tuck the string in, wear a cup, alter your cycle with birth control pills, etc. It's not like she has a 6" string hanging down her thigh to begin with - those strings are short! Sorry to sound crude, but you brought up the topic!

    I sincerely hope that Couples would not even consider changing a longstanding policy which happens to be a large part of the reason for many repeat visitors.

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    No do not change the rules! Nude is Nude! Not sort of nude!

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    I don't want to see any changes. Who knew I'd be saying that? We had been to Sans Souci before it was a Couples resort. At that time it was clothing optional and I actually felt more self conscious back then.
    It always seems to be 'that time of the month' for me while we're on vacation, murphy's law strikes again.
    I keep using tp's and just go to the washroom more often. Yep, it's a bit worrysome, but I'm not willing to give up my time on the AN beach for anything. We do what we have to in order to enjoy ourselves where we want and when we want.
    Your wife is not the only one with this issue, all women at one time or another experience the 'inconvenience' our cycles present. Just tell her to relax and enjoy the beach and Couples.
    This too shall pass.

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    Default Sorry

    It was after a couple of visits to C/O beaches (and vowed never to go to C/O again ) that we searched and found Couples. And because of the A/N requirements we will be returning for our 5th visit in July. As far as the monthly visitor goes my wife and her Dr have adjusted that a few of times to avoid vacation time. I know I know Men don't have to deal with it every month. Sorry ladies.
    We like most everything at Couples and when there we spend our days AN and would not willingly change the rules that led us to Couples in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HvgFunToo View Post
    While we really like CSS and we fully support the AN (vs. clothing optional) rule to prevent gawking, we would prefer a topless woman and a nude man be allowed on the CSS AN beach.
    If you "fully support the AN (vs. clothing optional) rule" you would understand that "topless woman and a nude man" tends to lead to more male gawkers! AN tends to eliminate that and that's what make CSS - SSB so comfortable & perfect!!!

    Keep AN, AN!!!!!

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    Sorry, Keep AN, AN. Thats the reason most of us go. I'm sorry you felt the need to leave rather than stay and enjoy yourselves. It makes no difference to anyone whether its her time or not. Really!

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    Sorry Hvgfuntoo...can't agree.

    We go to Couples because it IS a/n and it IS enforced (at least when we've been there.)

    We've been to CO beach, and I (the female) was more uncomfortable there than at the A/N beaches. Can't feel sorry for your wife....been there, done that! It is what it is, and you cope with it!
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    Wearing bikini bottoms, no matter how small is not AN, it is Clothing Optional. There is a thread somewhere here that is dedicated to women and what to do during "that" time. Plus who would check to see that the woman was wearing her bikini bottom because it's "that" time?

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    Yes, AN means just that, I for one would not participate in SSB if it was a C/O area at CSS. There are so many options for women these days related to "that time of the month" that AN need not be an issue.
    Thank you Couples for enforcing the rules at SSB, it is truely an AN experience that we feel totally at ease with.

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    It's easier to have the same rules apply to everyone.

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    The rules are AN. No you were not completely AN when you add except. She was topless. She was not AN.
    There are always going to be people who don't like this rule or don't like that rule.
    Kudos to the guard for enforcing the rules.
    And no you do not support AN when you feel that the rules should be bent to accommodate you.
    We have been many times to CSS and I also vote keep it the way it is.
    All nude. As a woman, you can make accomodations for that time of month and enjoy AN at Sunset Beach. Because you choose not to then you live with not being able to enjoy the beach. It was your wifes decision all the way.

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    when we went to Tower Island my wife kept track of her periods on a calender and then counted out the time each month when she would be on her period and we didnt go that week. Seemed pretty easy to me!

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    Yes, nude means nude and only nude. No exceptions. Thanks Couples Resorts for that policy and enforcing it!

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    One word...tuck.......

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    My husband & I were at CSS/SSB for the first time this past Feb/March. It was our very first AN experience. The only way that I would EVER have tried bareing anything, was if I wasn't the ONLY one doing it. I would never step foot on a CO beach for just that reason. AN keeps everything 'even'. I too kept track of my cycle for over a year on the calendar. As soon as it appeared that the vacation and the 'visitor' would coincide, I called my doctor to discuss my options. No Problem Mon!!

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    The problem with c/o is it opens the door for gawkers. If SSB were bigger with an additional pool, I would not mind a bottoms only option for women only. But the beach is small and the nude only rule works best.

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    This subject has come up dozens of times in the past several years. Our rules are simple. Au Naturel = nude.

    It is the only way for us to go to avoid any confusion.

    Couples Resorts

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