We understand that we don't make the rules but we would prefer that women's bottoms be optional on the AN beach at CSS. My wife was wearing a tampon during our stay at CSS and because of that tampon she was unwilling to remove her bottoms while we were on the AN beach at CSS. We were completely AN except for her tiny bikini bottoms yet she was (kindly & politely) asked to either remove her bottoms or leave the AN beach by the female beach attendant. We left the AN beach, did not return and may not return for future trips to CSS due to the possibility of again falling victim to that rule. After numerous trips to AN beaches (St. Maarten, FL, CA etc.) we don't understand the logic behind this rule. While we really like CSS and we fully support the AN (vs. clothing optional) rule to prevent gawking, we would prefer a topless woman and a nude man be allowed on the CSS AN beach. We read the links about cutting tampon strings short, etc., but we were wondering if anyone else shares the same opinion and would like to see a small change in the rules.