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    Default CN Repeaters dinner question

    What time on Monday night is the repeaters dinner? Will the Cat Cruise return before the dinner?

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    I'm pretty sure it's 7:30. The Cat Cruise is back by then, but you may want to schedule the cruise for a different night so you can attend the Manager's Cocktail party pool-side that begins at 6:30 before you go to the Repeaters dinner.

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    You will want to schedule the cat cruise on a different day than the Repeater's Dinner. If the cat cruise gets back a little late, you won't have time to change clothes in time for the dinner.

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    Thanks for the info, this will be the only night we can go on the Cat Cruise so we're going to try and squeeze in both on Monday, so you're sure it's 7:30? That should be plenty of time if the Cat Cruise is back by 6.

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