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    Default Tim and Kim 5-19-11 Review-long

    Hi Brides and Grooms!

    I wanted to share our experiences with you. I couldn't be more happy with our decision to get married at CSA, just the two of us. It was perfect!! We are so glad we went by ourselves as it just intensified our intimacy for the week:0)

    We arrived to the airport on 5/14 and checked in to catch the shuttle. Our shuttle was very run down and when we return, we will definately be looking into the inter-island flight, although I am glad we were able to see the local culture on our drives. It took about an hour and a 1/2 to get there, check in was very smooth, with a glass of champaign and cold towels to cool us off.

    We stayed in a beachfront room- it was the perfect location, dead center of the beach! Veiws were beautiful! A few things about the beachfront rooms- they are all windows with screens and no glass. They have shutters which closed but even with the air as low as it can go, it doesn't get very cool. I was fine because I love heat but my honey had a harder time. Because of the screens it sounds like you're in a tent. You can hear everyone walking by but if you turn the i-pod can forget it all:0) There is no TV- which I loved and we didn't even miss it. The beachfront rooms do not have dresser drawers, just a closet with some shelves. That was the hardest as we had to live out of our suitcases a little bit. We loved our patio but were glad the beaches had hammocks as we found we loved to cuddle in those!

    We met with Shereka on Tuesday for about 45 minutes. She is awesome and you can tell she loves her job! She went through everything with us. Our wedding was the 4pm wedding-perfect time! It was beautiful, with a nice breeze and people have started clearing the beach. I did my own hair and make up but saw many brides who had theirs done and they all looked stunning! I did steal a flower off one of the plants for my hair last minute though. I brought my own bouquet and we had another couple we met on these boards do our ceremony photos. Hint- for ladies on a budget- we booked Stacey Clarke to do an offsite photo shoot the morning of the wedding. She was spectacular!! She picked us up, took us to the lighthouse, a few beaches, the airstrip. I brought an extra dress for trash the dress-Awesome!! Gotta do it! Shereka also said we could have the resort photographer do the ceremony and not pay in advance, just in case our photos didn't turn out. They turned out great also! We did a combo package offered at the photobooth (it isn't offered through the wedding office) that allowed 20 wedding photos and 30 resort photos for $350- called the manager's special. They have a sunset photo shoot offered through the photo booth also that gave us some of the most amazing photos. We were able to wear our wedding attire and it was not considered wedding photos so it worked perfectly. That cost was $100.

    We tasted the rum cake and chose that and I brought some toppers and they used those for our decor. It was perfect! We didn't do any upgrades and there was no pressure for upsells. Bring anything like music, cake toppers, sand ceremonys with to your meeting.

    We did do the private dinner. It was very romantic and intimate- we exchanged our own personal vows here instead of the ceremony. Just remember to bring bug spray as we were getting attacked!! Ahhhh! Other than that I would highly recommend the dinner on the beach!

    On our wedding day Shereka came and got me 10 minutes before the ceremony and walked down with me. She had the photographer do some photos before I came out. The music came on, I walked down. It was so amazing and perfect!! After our vows we chose to have a sand ceremony. It turned out great. We gave this to Shereka at our meeting so they brought it and got it all ready for us. We stuffed the top and taped it shut and carried it in a carry on with no problems.

    We originally were reserved to do dinner at Feathers but after being there for 5 days we loved the food and atmosphere best at Patios- so we went there- on our own time. It was perfect and everyone makes you feel so special.

    All in all- it was perfect! I wouldn't change one thing about the day, the venue, or our choice of resorts!! The food was great, the beaches were to die for, watersports a blast, entertainment options plentiful, and the complementary massages- sooo good (we upgrades it to any hour- yummy!!)

    Brides, rest assured it will be more that you could have ever dreamed for!

    I have attached a link to our photos but these do not have Stacey Clarkes yet. I will add when they come in. These are a combo of our photos our friends took and the resort photographer.

    or my facebook

    Good luck with your planning!

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    Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for the review!! You both looked great! Congrats!

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    OMG!!! I saw your wedding, you looked so happy and this photos were beautiful!!! I concur that everything was soooo perfect! Congrats

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