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    Default Bouquet Upgrades and Photography packages....

    I have a question regarding bouquet upgrades and photo packages. For the brides that upgraded their bouquet did you pay for the upgrade and the time of your meeting with the wedding planner or was it charged to you at the time of check out? Also, the same question goes to the brides that had resort photos taken. Did you pay at the time of the meeting or after the wedding was over and you picked your photos? My last question is did you use a credit card or cash? The only reason I am asking these questions is so that I will know how much cash I will need to bring to pay for these items or if I should only bring my credit card. Any suggestions, comments, info. ..


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    First of all, I upgraded my bouquet. I had to pay for the bouquet at the meeting, but I was able to pay for it with my credit card.

    Additional advice.....Please, take cash. I know that everyone says you don't need much since you don't tip at the resort, but if you leave the resort you will need it. You need it for ANY shopping and excursions outside of the resort. We did the hi-light tour, horse back riding, jet skis, parasailing, Mayfield Falls and they all required CASH. All of those combined was a few hundred dollars. We took $1000 for spending cash and we had enough. Some of the excursions are as much as $85 per person. So, it depends on what you want to be able to do. There are a lot of activities at the resort, but anything that requires you to leave the resort will require cash. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

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    I upgraded my bouquet also and I had to pay for it as soon as the meeting with the wedding coordinator was over. Anything regarding the wedding has to be paid for upfront. Anything else can be paid for at check out. I agree with the previous poster, please take cash and small bills. Its sooo much more easier than having your CC or checkcard.

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    So anything to do with the wedding is paid with the meeting with the wedding coordinator does this include video, vendor's fees etc???? We are staying for 2 weeks and I am really nervous having that much money sitting in my safe.

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    What about when I get my hair done at the salon for my wedding? Can I pay for that at the end of the trip when we check out?

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    @ sunstarsmoon- We were told by the wedding coordinator that vendor's fees, pictures, bouquet, dress steaming, basically anything for the wedding needed to be settled up with the front desk after the meeting was over. You could use cash or credit card. Even though you have a card on file, they still ask for it again and your ID to charge all wedding purchases if you choose to do credit. I just paid for my bouquet with cash. If you happen to have a resort credit for anything you might want to ask how that works.

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    @ JacknJen- I think you can pay for that at checkout, I didn't use the salon service and she didn't mention that part either in the list of things that needed to be paid for upfront.

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