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    Traveling in a group of 6. First time to Couples Swept Away (previously stayed in the S resorts). I know couples does not accept specific room request, however can you request prior to arrival that rooms be close together??

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    When you all arrive ask them is there 3 rooms together . If there is they will work it out for you . They cant do it before you arrive as its too complicated in case they need to use rooms etc then they end up having to let someone down .

    When we arrived we asked if our old room that we stayed in was available . We were told if it was it was no problem . Only problem was it wasnt available at the time . We arrived on a saturday and the girl said to us its not available until Monday . We got the impression they would have let us move into it on the Monday as they are that accomodating but we wouldnt put them to the hassle and stuck with the room we were given which we loved anyways

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    Advance specific room/block requests are not accepted. At check-in you can let them know that you would like to all be as close as possible.
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    You can always try, but there are no guarantees. You can also try when you arrive.

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    You can make a request but chances of it being honored are no better than a room request being honored. Rooms are assigned as guests check out and arriving guests check in so it's just not realistic to expect to be placed close may happen but it will be luck. Honestly, we traveled with friends in October and were two buildings apart and it was no big deal. Our travel agent had put a notation on our reservation requesting we be close together but it didn't happen and it worked out fine.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    For what it's worth, we were a group of 6, three couples and we booked the Oceanview Veranda, we got the corner rooms, floor 1, 2 & 3. So they do try to accommodate these situations when they can. At least this was our experience.

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    We have booked with the same TA since 2005, and most of the time we are there with at least one other couple if not 2 or 4 other couples. I always ask at the time of booking for the room I want, and I noticed that the TA also included the fact that we are repeaters with a group. So far we have received the rooms we wanted for the last 3 times.

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