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    Default my love away plan

    Where on this new web site can I look up my current reservations and payment history under the love away plan?

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    you can always call and they will give that info to you

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    I don't think it can be found on the website. Each month, when my $100 is due, I get an email sent to me that lists the payment history and remaining balance and due dates for each payment. If you have not been seeing this email, I would first check your junk email folder (sometimes emal filters will automatically dump these types of things out as spam). If they are not there I would contact Couples (1-800-COUPLES) and see if you have been set up to receive those emails. If you have not been set up, I'm sure they'll be able todo it for you.
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    I'd like to see this functionality come back along with the rate grid - both great tools and just fun to look at current reservations once in awhile!

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    I so look forward to that email = hey we are charging your credit card. Our flights are also now available - soon come Mon

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