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    Default Stacie & Chris--CSA Wedding on 5/16/2012

    So, we just booked a beach front suite for 5/13 - 5/23/2012!! We plan to reserve sometime on 5/16/2012 for the ceremony!! YAY, I'm so excited!!

    I'd love to hear any suggestions from former CSA brides! I would particularly like to know about the resort photographers at CSA and see any pictures people are willing to share that are taken by the resort photographers. This is the second marriage for both of us, so we're footing the entire bill. I'm not sure that $500 to bring an outside photographer on the property is the best way to spend our small budget.

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    OMG, it feels like I'm never going to get my engagement ring. Hopefully I have it before the wedding! LOL

    I've already picked out the setting (Verragio) that I want. I know the specs of the diamond I want. We're buying it from Mervis Diamond Importers. Chris and I had to cancel and reschedule our appointment with Mervis 5 times (because of his work schedule) before I finally just decided to go with my sister last Saturday. I was all set to buy the setting and the diamond. They had a diamond right in my specs that was a great price, so I just needed to see it in person first. Well, I get there and the diamond was AWOL. It was listed in their inventory, but no one could find it. They didn't know if it got transferred improperly to another one of their stores, or if it got sold and somehow wasn't removed from inventory. Also, the setting I wanted had been sold so they had to order another one. ACK! Mervis is a WONDERFUL company however. I was told that if they couldn't find the exact diamond I had wanted, they would get another one with the exact same specs (they are diamond importers after all) and sell it to me for the same price (even though diamond prices are increasing). The consultant we are working with has even offered to bring everything to our home to look at next Tuesday since I drove over an hour to get there and they didn't have the stone or setting there.

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    YAY....I just heard today that they found the missing diamond.

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    We ordered the ring today! It will be ready in 3 to 4 weeks (of torture).

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    Hi! I just read your story about your ring! Congrat's Please post a picture of your ring, I bet it is beautiful and you are so excited to finally get it!

    Bibi & Terry (MarineWife1122) Oct. 5 - 12 Temecula, CA ~ 1st Visit

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    Thanks MarineWife! I'm so insanely excited--and impatient! lol I will be certain to post a picture in here as soon as I have it. It looks like it will be ready around July 19th.

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    Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your ring!!

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    OMG....This saga of my ring is a story in itself....Now it's delayed a week. lol

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    If I wasn't dying to have my beautiful ring on my finger (and announce the wedding to our families), I would almost find this comical. My ring is ready and has been sitting at Chris's parent's house in Indiana for a whole week. We had it shipped there to save $400 in taxes. He was supposed to fly out there to get it on Monday and fly back the same day (he's an airline employee and flies for free), but he has to fly stand-by and the times weren't working out because his dad had a doctor's appointment that day., now it's supposed to be this Monday or Tuesday because he has to fly his 11-year-old son, who has been staying with us for 3 weeks, home on Monday or Tuesday. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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    omg stacie!! I'm so sorry to hear about all this craziness! Goodluck!! can't wait to see the pic of this ring that was alllll this trouble!

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    Okay, he is on the plane in Chicago with the ring in hand. He said while we were on the phone that it was so beautiful I really shouldn't have to wait another minute to have it on my hand....BUT....he's considering waiting to make a *proper* proposal. Crazy a$$ me...I told him to do what he thinks best, since his first wedding was a shotgun one. LOL That would mean a week of not snooping through the house and wearing it while he's not home. ;-)

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    Let's see if this upload works.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Congrats, beautiful ring!

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    @Jen...You picked a great day and resort!

    We will definitely meet up for a drink!

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    i'd say it was well worth the wait. Congrats!!

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    beautiful ring Stacie

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    Thanks guys! I absolutely love it!! The picture doesn't do it justice--it's super sparkly!

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    It's beautiful, Stacie. Congratulations to you and Chris on the upcoming marriage!!

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    Hi Stacie & Chris! My fiance Brian and I (Jen) are also getting married on May 16th 2012 @ 11am. This is also a second marriage for both of us. We will be there May 13-20th. It would be nice to meet up! We are from Altoona, IA. Would love to hear from you!

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    Beautiful ring! Glad you finally have it. You asked about photographs. I have not been to CSA but have been to CN and have some awesome pictures from the resort photographers. I recently read in another thread that there is an amazing photographer at CSA, his name is Archie or something like that, I wonder if you can request him?

    We are returning to Negril May 11-19, staying at CN. Our daughter is getting married at a church in Negril and they'll be honeymooning at CSA May 14-19. Maybe you'll run in to eacholther LOL.

    Congrats Brian & Jen also!
    Good Luck, you picked a great place for a wedding!

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    Everything has to be a saga for me...first the ring, and now the dress. I picked a dress I LOVED online. The designer's website said it was a current style, but when I tried to find a local store that has it in stock to try on, everyone told me it was discontinued!! So, I started again and I've now narrowed it down to 3 options that I'm going to look at right after Christmas.

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    Okay, after finding THREE dresses that I loved that were all DISCONTINUED (yet still listed as current styles on the designers websites), I finally found and ordered the one a week ago.

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    OMG...So far, we have 2 couples who are definitely planning to come to the wedding, but they haven't booked. We have one couple who wants to come, but they have to ask the mid-wife if she can fly 7 weeks before her due date. We have 4 other couples who want to come, but aren't sure.


    This is killing my organized mind, but I'm holding it together. :-)

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    I love that dress Stacie. Not too much longer for either of us!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toplopper View Post
    I love that dress Stacie. Not too much longer for either of us!!
    Thanks!!! I'm soooooo excited! We leave 4 weeks from today! I have most things finished, except some purchases for the OOT bags, and some new clothes for Chris and I.

    I also just booked CSS for October 2013, and we are deciding between CN and CSA for our anniversary next May. We are also talking about a SR for my 40th birthday in July of this year. We're addicts and haven't even been there yet!!

    I swear..... Randymon ....this board is the best advertising you could have!!

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