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    Default Favourite Drinks CSA

    Heading to CSA for our first trip June 30th. In reading posts someone mentioned "snake eye" drink as a favorite. Wondered if anyone else has any favorites they order? Would love to start a list. Thanx

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    The Hummingbird is delish as is the Cosmo at the Martini Bar!!
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    Oooh I would love to know this too! Someone once mentioned something with "monkey" in the name, and some rum cream!
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    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    I love the Peaches N Cream, Dirty Bananna and the Miami Vice. Oh and if you run into Derman at the Martini bar have him make you a red derman special they are awesome and Oh my god you are going to love it

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    I LOVE the fresh watermelon martinis at the Martini Bar.

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    My favorites are snake eyes, peach cobbler, and amazing grace! I have only found these at CSA, and not at the other Couples resorts. They are great!

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    Hmm, I would have to say I would LOVE to have my hands on a Dirty Banana sitting on the beach right now.

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    You have to try a Red Derman at the martini bar!! I usually had five a night. Yummy! And a Jamaican Browning from any bar at the resort.

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    What's in a hummingbird? I love the name.

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    I just drink pineapple juice and rum. My wife likes the miami vice. (Go Mavs)
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    I love trying all the drinks at the beach bars, trouble is they are so strong I can never remember which ones I liked best. The good thing about that is you need to do it all over again to see if you remember lol. However, I would say everyone needs to sample a Bob Marley just to say you have had one. I do tend to like the Pina Colada but ask for it with a VX float. Also try the Blue Mountain Bobsleigh. At night I am a Jack Daniels man, maybe thats why the Martini Barmen call me Mr Jack every evening lol.

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    Humminbirds, wow. They remind me of drinking a banana split.....its made with coffee liquor, banana and strawberry flavors, rum (naturally)...........and I believe theres milk in it. It's one of the richer, creamy drinks. I cant drink too many of them-I get so bloated! lolol But they are tasty.....I loved everything I drank there EXCEPT for the Purple me, they tasted like Dimetap..but that's only my opinion.
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    I also second the Derman special at the Martini bar, he also makes a mean key lime martini. I enjoyed the Hummingbird, Cool Breeze, Peach Cobbler, Snake Eyes, and Pina Colada with no syrup.

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    My tip on drinks at CSA is simple ...ask the bar tender for their specialality...they all have them.

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    Thanx to everyone who answered with their favorite CSA drink. Ive compiled the list below, cant wait to order each and every one - June 30th - July 7th.

    Jamaican Browning
    Amazing Grace
    Peach Cobbler
    Dirty Banana
    Peaches N Cream
    Miami Vice
    Cool Breeze
    Bob Marley
    Pina Colada no syrup or ask for a vx float
    Blue Mountain Bobsleigh

    Martini Bar
    ask Derman the bartender to make you a Red Derman
    Fresh Watermelon
    Key Lime

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    Our 4th trip coming up the end of july. Karens favorite is a dirty banana, honorable mention to the chocolate martini. Mine: absolute & Ting. Also find Delroy for a frozen margarita best on the resort.

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