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    Default cell phone advice

    I have a seven year young razor cell with no problems. Plan with 2100 roll overs between my husband and I. We don't text or email. I'm needing a phone just to check on the Grandbabby and the Grandmama while we'll at Couples for a week. Any ideas of whats best. I'm ready for an upgrade on both lines, Currently pay @144 a month.

    Amy feedback appreciated,
    Bob & BJ

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    How about taking a laptop and using skype or facebook? Cell calls are going to be pricey from Jamaica. The other option would be to buy a calling card once you get to Jamaica but skype is still going to be your best bet or facebook if Grandmama has it. We happened to be uploading pics to our pages while family was on and chatted a few times on our trip and discovered it worked great. If you had a set time that you would check in you could both be on and chat and you could also upload pics so they could see where you are and it's free.

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    I don't know about cell phone use, but I found the best way to keep in touch is email (hopefully Grandma has it - if not, this is the time to set her up!). Couples has free internet cafe's - I would pop in for 5 minutes each day and check messages / communicate with family. So convenient and so much fun !

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