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    Default Ceremony Location?

    Do I need to go ahead and let Debbie know which location I want for our ceremony? If so, I need advice on the pros and cons of the beach vs. garden gazebo. I have seen numerous pictures of the beach ceremony at CSA but none of the Garden Gazebo. If there is any past brides that married in the gardens at CSA please send pictures to Thanks for everything!

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    We were married at CSS last October and we waited until we got there to look at our location options. The choice was easy once we were there!

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    We always knew we wanted to get married on the beach. When we met with the wedding coordinator at CSA, she asked us what location we wanted. We never saw any weddings in the garden area the week we were there. In my opinion, the wedding gazebo in the garden needs some touching up. Good luck!

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    Monica and I were married at the CSA gazebo in Dec 2007. For us, it was perfect. It was quiet, private, and not as hot as the beach. We had planned a beach wedding but decided on the gazebo after hearing more than one couple complain about the noise from jetskis, etc... that turned up on their wedding videos. The staff at CSA does block off a portion of the beach during weddings. The majority of the time, people will wait until the ceremony is complete to stroll past. We have watched and participated in several weddings during the last 4 years both at the gazebo and on the beach, all of them were perfect for the couple that got married. After you arrive, tour the gazebo and the beach, then make up your mind. Your wedding coordinator (Tamika was ours) at CSA will set it all up for you. Just relax, your wedding at the gazebo or on the beach will be great.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
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