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    Default Wedding Photography--CSA

    I know, I know, I know....yet ANOTHER thread on wedding photography!

    My fiancée and I are getting married at CSA in May, 2012. I've been emailing photographers I've seen recommended on this board to get prices. Here is my dilemma...We have an EXTRAORDINARY photographer where we live (USA) that has taken pictures for my sister--weeding, pregnancy, kids birthdays, etc... We plan to use her for *wedding* photos when we return from CSA for the *artsy" kind of stuff.... We have a small budget for photography because it is our second wedding each and we're on our own in paying for it.

    So...should we go with the resort photographer for the pictures or go ahead and spend the extra $$$ for a private photographer? I don't want "okay" pictures or a rushed photographer for the wedding. Can you pay extra to have the resort photographer for longer then the standard time?


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    Well, I've answered this question myself before anyone responded. LOL I got Stacey Clarke's price list today and she does have some packages in my price range. Apparantly my idea of a small budget isn't so small at all. That's really good news because I've been looking at everyone's pictures and I really do LOVE her work!

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